BirdCam & BirdCam Pro

Wingscapes BirdCam Pro was designed to give you an exciting new view of your own back garden! Capture candid, up-close photos and videos of wildlife that are easy to use, view and share with friends and family. This versatile BirdCam and BirdCam Pro can be attached to a bird feeder pole, bird bath or even set down on the ground to detect and record movement to an SD card.
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BirdCam Mounting Arm

Using the BirdCam Mounting Arm with the Wingscapes BirdCam gives you more options to make the most of your digital bird camera.
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  • £29.95

Wingscapes - BirdCam Pro

Get creative with this 20mp Bird Camera Pro. Motion detection bird camera, close-up images and video day or night. Includes timelapse function
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