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Timelapse Cameras

Time-Lapse Cameras are really fun to use. Probably most well known for Construction Time-Lapse Photography where you see a fast forward film of a building being constructed in a few simple minutes, or a timelapse camera being left facing the night sky to record the movement of the stars turning hours into seconds on playback.
How does it work?
Decide on your project, maybe it's a shed being built, turning a piece of land into a wildlife area or making a pond, growing a plant or monitoring the change in seasons, It really doesnt matter if its hours or weeks. Set the time-lapse camera to take a picture every hour, day or every minute for short term projects, the important thing is that the timelapse camera must not move whilst recording. When you've finished the project you can easily stitch all the photos together using software to make a time lapse video, just like flick book images really!
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Afidus ATL200S Time Lapse Camera

New 2020 'S' model with improved Battery life ! HD Time Lapse Camera, varifocal and motion activation. View and Control via IOS / Android wifi App.
  • RRP £359.00
  • Our Price £354.00
  • SAVE £5

Afidus ATB100 Time Lapse Camera Kit

Weatherproof 1080p HD Time Lapse Camera Kit with a fixed focus lens. Includes Fixing bracket, SD Card and Batteries. Afidus App setup.
SKU: ATB-100
  • RRP £379.99
  • Our Price £369.99
  • SAVE £10

BCC100 Brinno Time Lapse Camera

Time lapse recording is a great way to capture and playback your Wildlife or Building projects as a fast forward video. Time lapse cameras can be used for short or long term events.
  • RRP £199.99
  • Our Price £184.99
  • SAVE £15

Wingscapes Timelapse Camera

Get creative with this 8mp Camera. Fun and easy to use for anything from wildlife to construction, weather, events and parties!
SKU: WCT-00125
  • RRP £129.99
  • Our Price £119.99
  • SAVE £10

Camera Tree Bracket

Quick and convenient positioning for cameras with 1/4'' tripod thread, ball and socket swivel mount head. Screw into trees, soft wood or fix into a wall.
  • RRP £19.99
  • Our Price £16.99
  • SAVE £3