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Bat Detectors

Bat Detectors are really fun to use in being able to detect bat frequencies and therefore identifying the particular bat species. 
Aside from bats, these bat detectors are capable of picking up other audible frequencies from insects and animals, even rats who communicate with each other all the time! You just need to google the frequency you are looking for to identify it.
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Magenta Bat Detector 4

Bat Listener Locator, captures and processes inaudible bat sounds for you to hear and identify. 100 meter radius
  • RRP £65.95
  • Our Price £59.90
  • SAVE £6.05

Magenta Bat Detector 5

Backlit Digital LCD Display, Extended Frequency Range, Advanced Amplification and Filtering. 100 meter radius
  • RRP £94.99
  • Our Price £89.99
  • SAVE £5