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Wildflower Seeds

Wildlife conservation is a responsibility that falls on all of us, and if we each made a small contribution it will help our wildlife enormously. In this section we have various seeds that can be scattered or carefully sewn in your garden to create a dedicated wildlife area. 
The seed ball tins contains a mini ecosystem, seeds are mixed with clay, peat-free compost and a smidgen of chilli powder, and rolled into a small ball. Each ball is approximately 1 cm in diameter, making them super easy to scatter and the dry clay outer shell protects them from common seed predators. When sufficient rain permeates the clay, the seeds inside begin to germinate - helped along by the nutrients and minerals contained within the balls. The chilli powder continues to deter predators while the seed ball slowly degrades and the seeds sprout.
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Bat Guide and Wildflower Pack

A Beginners guide to bats, plus a wildflower attractant seed pack. Ideal for gaining a brief knowledge to bat species and call frequencies, bat life cycle and helping with bat conservation.
SKU: GN14-009
  • £4.49

SeedBall - Bee

A careful selection of native wildflower seeds that bees will just love! Our mix uses only species recommended by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust
SKU: GN-SBallBee
  • £5.95

SeedBall - Bat mix

The ideal wildflower mix to attract bats to your garden. Perfect for attracting the insects that bats love to eat!
SKU: GN-SBallBat
  • £5.95

SeedBall - Beetle mix

This seedball beetle mix includes wildflowers that are perfect for attracting our pollinating beetles from spring to autumn.
SKU: GN-SBallBeetle
  • £5.95

SeedBall - Bird mix

This seedball bird mix includes wildflowers to feed the birds for you, and is a much more sustainable option to buying bagged bird feed !
SKU: GN-SBallBird
  • £5.95

SeedBall - Butterfly Mix

A heavenly selection of native wildflower seeds for butterflies. Using only wildflower species recommended by Butterfly Conservation, early and late summer plants
  • £5.95