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Oxford Teak Bench 5ft
This garden seat is a chunky and heavyweight outdoor bench made from the finest grade A teak. A comfortable and generous three seater with superb build quality
  • £378.00
Oxford Teak Bench 6ft
At six feet long this seat is a chunky and heavyweight garden bench made from the finest grade A teak. A comfortable generous four seater with superb build quality
  • £399.60
Brass Plaque
Upto 50 letters or characters
  • £40.00
Ready Assembled Fee
SKU : Ready Assembled
Assembled by our Craftsman
  • £35.00
Queensbury Teak Bench 5ft
This Queensbury is a 3 seater bench crafted from premium grade A teak. The extra depth, scrolled arms and thick 5.5 cm legs give this bench a sturdy, strong look in a classic style. Ideal for commercial use
  • £302.40
Whitby A Frame Picnic Table
SKU : GN-Pi-014
Strong and sturdy picnic bench with flip-up seats. Manufactured from chunky 42mm pressure treated timber
  • £162.00
Chester A-Frame Picnic Table
SKU : GN-Pi-012
Douglas Fir Pine, this treated picnic bench provides rigid and comfortable seating. Choice of two, 4 or 6 adults.
  • £91.20
Sherwood 6 Seater Round Picnic Table
SKU : GN-Pi-7B
Made from Douglas Fir and finished with a water based treatment for long life. Stylish and sturdy, ideal for the commercial market.
  • £169.20
Lancaster 8 Seater Round Picnic Table
SKU : GN-Pi-6
High quality Douglas Fir, treated with a water based stain, this durable picnic table is precision made to withstand commercial use
  • £246.00
Foster 8 Seater Picnic Table
SKU : GN-Pi-3
Large picnic bench with flip-up seats, Strong and sturdy 44mm pressure treated timber, ideal for domestic or commercial use
  • £182.40
Aberdeen 8 Seater Picnic Table
SKU : GN-Pi-8
Heavy duty picnic table, perfect for any commercial setting. It is a sturdy and significant piece of garden furniture, made from FSC slow growing pine
  • £340.80
SeedBall - Butterfly Mix
A heavenly selection of native wildflower seeds for butterflies. Using only wildflower species recommended by Butterfly Conservation, early and late summer plants
  • £5.95
SeedBall - Bee
SKU : GN-SBallBee
A careful selection of native wildflower seeds that bees will just love! Our mix uses only species recommended by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust
  • £5.95
32GB Ultra Micro SDHC Card with Adaptor
SKU : GN-00124067
Ultra High Capacity, Class 10. upto 48MB/s 320x. Take better pictures and full HD video.
  • £21.98
Swift Box No 17A Triple Cavity
SKU : 613/4
Extended version of the proven No.17 Standard Swift Box and can accommodate three pairs of swifts in parallel. Fix or Build-in
  • £153.99
Swift Box No 17
SKU : 610/3
Made from a special mixture of compressed plant fibres and concrete, it provides good insulation and extremely long life.
  • £58.49
Brentwood Round Picnic Table
SKU : GN-PI-010

Ideal for commercial or residential use.

  • £178.20
Hibernation Bat Box 1FW
SKU : 137/5
This hibernation box has insulation between the outer and inner walls, which also reduces the amount of condensation inside.
  • £210.95
Mini Rainsaver 100L WaterButt
SKU : GN-WB-AD-002

Space saving Water Butt Kit

  • £37.99
Harcostar 350L Water Butt
SKU : GN-WB-AD-0012

Complete 350 Litre Kit.

  • £99.99
Cloudburst 95L Water Butt
SKU : GN-WB-AD-009

Complete Water Butt Kit

  • £38.99
Summer & Winter Bat Roost 1WQ
SKU : 765/0
Designed for Safe hibernation of Bats in winter as well as for roosting and raising young in summer
  • £142.75
Swift Box No 18
SKU : 611/0
Designed for fixing beneath the eaves. The swift chamber is made in Woodcrete and the backing board is exterior grade chipboard ready for painting to match the building.
  • £57.99
Deep Nest Box 1N
SKU : GN-158/0
Several species of birds prefer to nest deep in recesses. This cleverly shaped box has two holes to let in light and protect the occupants
  • £32.49
Insect Hotel
SKU : CJ-920500120
A very impressive product for conservation projects, houses large numbers of small insects and vertebrates. Height 2.5 meters x Width 1.0m
  • £499.95
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