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Bird Box Camera System, High Resolution
SKU : 1C-20M-IR
Multi-Species Nest Box fitted with a High Res 420TVL Camera. Handmade in the UK from Western Red Cedar. 2 year warranty
  • £99.00
Digital Wireless Aerial Upgrade 250m
SKU : GN4-W250
Digital Wireless Transmission booster Aerials to 250 meters. (pair)

  • £39.95
420TVL Camera Only
High resolution colour camera (only) with audio and night vision.
Ideal new / replacement for enclosed nesting boxes such as bird and hedgehog.
  • £39.95
Braun Scouting Camera Black LED
SKU : GN-BNDV57660

12MP. HD 1080p & Colour LCD Screen

  • £169.95
Kinsman Bee Nester
A high capacity Bee nesting habitat for cavity nesting solitary bees like leafcutter bee, red mason bees and other bee species
  • Was £18.99
  • £14.99
Ceramic Bird Bath with Pedestal
Manufactured from frost-resistant glazed terracotta, in a subtle green colour. Includes 3 feet for optional use without the pedestal
  • £44.99
Blackbird Nest Box
This Blackbird nester can be fixed about 1.5m off the ground and nestled into foliage away from predators.
  • £17.49
Bird Box Camera Bracket
SKU : GN4-092
Fits Gardenature Black Cameras
  • £1.49
Feeder ViewCam Panel
SKU : GN-Vcam-panel
Replacement part for bird feeder viewcam
  • £3.49
i-Catcher Console 6.1 Software (8 Camera)
SKU : GN15-009
Software for a PC with 8 connected cameras. Motion record, alerting, web interface, flexible display, many more features
  • £395.94
Multi Species Bird Box
SKU : NB-06
Handmade from Western Red Cedar. Removable centre panel for open fronted nesters, attract the widest range of garden birds.
  • £21.99
Python Mini Cable Lock
SKU : GN-8418D
Adjustable from 30cm - 1.75m Cut resistant vinyl coated braided steel lock with Lifetime Guarantee! Ideal for securing trail cameras
  • £18.99
Pre-Configuration Service
SKU : Pre-Configuration
Pre configuration of IP camera
  • £11.95
2FN Special Bat Box
SKU : 136/8
This woodcrete bat box has two entrances, one at the rear against the tree trunk and one at the front. Bats often creep into the rear entrance but leave by the front.
  • £41.95
Bushnell Equinox Z 6x50 Night Vision Monocular
SKU : 260150
Night Vision infrared video/image capture up to 1000ft/ 300m. Daytime colour. Water resistant and shockproof rubber casing
  • Was £349.99
  • £279.99
Large Colony Bat Box 1FS
SKU : 133/7
Large box for attracting these very sociable creatures. Ideal for use as a nursing area to raise young.
  • £95.95
1FE Optional Back Plate
SKU : 748/3
Optional back Plate for 1FE Bat Access panel
  • £33.95
Bat Access Panel 1FE
SKU : 747/6
Open back enables bats to continue to use existing nesting sites in walls. Conversions, renovations etc. Optional back plate.
  • £55.99
Nest Box Side Window
SKU : GN-S-Window
Replacement part for pitched roof bird box
  • £2.50
Igloo Hedgehog House
This wicker hedgehog home is spacious enough to shelter mother and hoglets. Cover with additional leaves and foliage to provide a winter retreat.
  • Was £25.99
  • £20.99
Small Square Picnic Table - Red
SKU : GN-PL-005R
100% recycled plastic. Virtually maintenance free, reinforced with steel for extra strength and durability, finished in a wood grain effect. Weight: 99 kgs
  • £524.40
Small Rectangular Picnic Table-Red
SKU : GN-PL-001R
100% recycled plastic. Virtually maintenance free, reinforced with steel for extra strength and durability, finished in a wood grain effect. Weight: 96 kgs. Seats 4 people
  • £402.00
Guide To Wetland Birds
SKU : GN14-014
This colorful field guide is the perfect accompaniment for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts to help identify ducks, geese, waders and other birds found in wetlands.
  • £4.00
Tree Name Trail
SKU : GN14-013
Produced with the support of the Forestry Commission, this 12-page laminated fold-out chart contains a full-colour illustrated key to the leaves, twigs, fruits and seeds of broadleaved and coniferous trees of Britain
  • £4.00
Guide to Bees
SKU : GN14-012
Full colour laminated fold out chart for quick reference of British Bees, for use around your garden or out in the wilds
  • £4.00
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