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Weatherproof Box 100x100x50mm
SKU : GN-GW44204
weatherproof box IP56 rated
  • £3.49
Weatherproof Box 190x140x70mm
SKU : GN-GW44207
Large weatherproof box IP56 rated. Cut or file your own cable entry, x 4 screws sealed unit.
  • £8.99
RCA A/V Cable Coupler - single
Convert RCA / Phono Male to Female plug
  • RRP £0.89
  • £0.89
Lithium Polymer 12v Battery Packs
SKU : GN-BP2544-8Ah
Portable 12v batteries with power gauge. Very handy power source for limited hours of use between charges
  • £142.80
12vDC Power Supply 1.25 Amp. 2 pin Euro
2 pin Euro 100-240v/ 12v DC 1.25 amp regulated power supply. 2.1x 5.5mm connector
  • RRP £8.99
  • £8.99
12v DC Cable - 5 Meter
SKU : GN4-098-5M
External Use 12v DC Cable. Ideal for extending the distance of a 12 volt power source to your camera.
  • £4.99
Pond Camera 3.6mm. IR Infrared
SKU : 12B-20M-IR
Fully Submersible CCD Colour Camera, supplied with 20 meters of cable. Non-corrosive brass housing.
  • £249.95
House Martin Terrace No 11
SKU : 340/9
This exceptionally stylish design will compliment any house and prove equally popular with the house martins too!
  • £87.95
Bushnell Rubicon A200L Lantern
SKU : GN-10A200ML
Quality outdoor product able to produce up to 200 lumens from its LED lamp. Lightweight and rugged lantern with 4 different lighting modes. Weight 11oz
  • Was £42.00
  • £22.00
Bushnell Rubicon A350L Lantern
SKU : GN-10A350ML
Bright and consistent lighting that can quickly be adjusted to suit the environment required. Light a large area with 350 Lumens or switch to the spotlight for directional lighting with a twist of the collar.
  • Was £58.50
  • £38.50
2F Standard Bat Box
SKU : 134/4
Can be hung on buildings or trees, provides accommodation for a large number of bats. 25 year guarantee
  • £35.95
HDMI Premium lead. 2 Meter
Premium Quality. Screened HDMI Lead version 1.4. High quality gold plated. Ethernet Channel and 3D.
2 meter length
  • £5.25
Flexi Tripod
SKU : GN-flex2
High quality, bendy mini tripod. Attach your camera and use almost anywhere. 180 x 35 x 35mm. Max camera weight 275g
  • £9.99
Power Over Ethernet Injector
SKU : PD-3501G
Power for your IP camera when using Ethernet cabling
  • £47.80
TrophyCam Security Case 119658C
SKU : GN-119658C

Additional protection for your Bushnell TrophyCam

  • £39.99
Bat Tube 2FR
SKU : 755/1
Single bat tube with interconnecting holes. A number of tubes can be built into a wall as a modular form side by side
  • £94.95
Bird Box Camera System, High Resolution
SKU : 1C-20M
Multi-Species Nest Box fitted with a High Res 420TVL Camera. Handmade in the UK from Western Red Cedar. 3 year warranty
  • £104.95
Digital Wireless Aerial Upgrade 250m (Pair)
SKU : GN4-WP250
Large Digital Wireless 9dB Transmission Aerials. Boost the standard 120 metre range of the WP120 upto 250 metres.

  • £39.95
Braun Scouting Camera Black LED
SKU : GN-BNDV57660

12MP. HD 1080p & Colour LCD Screen

  • £169.95
Kinsman Bee Nester
A high capacity Bee nesting habitat for cavity nesting solitary bees like leafcutter bee, red mason bees and other bee species
  • Was £18.99
  • £14.99
Ceramic Bird Bath with Pedestal
Manufactured from frost-resistant glazed terracotta, in a subtle green colour. Includes 3 feet for optional use without the pedestal
  • £51.99
Blackbird Nest Box
This Blackbird nester can be fixed about 1.5m off the ground and nestled into foliage away from predators.
  • Was £22.95
  • £20.95
Bird Box Camera Bracket
SKU : GN4-092
Fits Gardenature Black Cameras
  • £1.49
Feeder ViewCam Panel
SKU : GN-Vcam-panel
Replacement part for bird feeder viewcam
  • £3.49
i-Catcher Console 6.1 Software (8 Camera)
SKU : GN15-009
Software for a Windows PC with 8 connected cameras. Motion record, alerting, web interface, flexible display, many more features
  • £395.94
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