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Bempton Hanging Bird Table
Finished in a lattice wood with a copper roof this hanging bird feeder table will add style to any garden
  • Was £33.49
  • £29.49
Birdbox Centre Panel (Flat Roof Boxes)
Replacement part for our flat roof bird box
  • RRP £4.99
  • £4.99
Birdbox Centre Panel (Pitched Roof Boxes)
Replacement part for our pitched roof bird box
  • RRP £4.99
  • £4.99
Bat Box - Single
SKU : GN-BAT-002
A very popular and durable single Bat Box that can be hung on walls and trees. Handmade from PEFC Cedar
  • £19.95
Swallow Nest No 10
SKU : 330/0
Swallows will readily adopt these durable nesting bowls that closely resemble the nest they build themselves. Ready to install.
  • £20.99
Side View Bird Box
SKU : NB-04
For use with a colour nest box camera to get up close side-on view of the nest. Includes Camera tray divider, cam bracket, cable clip.
  • £49.95
3 Way AV Switch Box
SKU : GN4-AVSelec
Connect upto 3 cameras into one TV AV input. Turn dial to select camera
  • £11.49
Infrared Illuminator 50m Range
SKU : VS-IR50/60
Additional night vision for your wildlife CCTV camera. Infrared range boost, projection upto 50m x 60dg. Cable and power included.
  • £119.99
Infrared Illuminator 25m Range
SKU : VS-IR12/10
Additional night vision for your wildlife CCTV camera. Infrared range boost, projection upto 30m x 10dg. Cable and power included.
  • RRP £79.95
  • £74.95
Cedarplus Triple Sparrow House
Designed to provide comfortable accommodation for three Sparrow families. The front door hinges forward for inspection
  • £49.99
Cedarplus Wooden Nest Box
SKU : CPM-32
Manufactured using long-lasting cedar sourced from managed Canadian forests. 26 & 32mm hole options, easy access and maintenance free.
  • £27.99
Flat Roof Bird Box
SKU : NB-03
Suitable for use with a colour nest box camera. Features a roof window, camera bracket, cable tray and cable clip. Optional open front.
  • £39.95
Camera Ready (bird Feeder) Viewcam Housing
SKU : BF-02
Suitable for use with all Gardenature nest box cameras. Just install the camera from your nest box and add a Feeder.
  • £20.99
Pitched Roof Bird Box
SKU : NB-02
Suitable for use with a colour nest box camera. Features a slide out camera drawer, fitted camera bracket, side windows and cable clip.
  • £38.95
Hedgehog Home with Standard Camera
Hedgehog house fitted with a standard resolution CCD Camera for connection to a TV via a Scart/ RCA input. Durable weather resistant hog box
  • £149.95
Bird Feeder ViewCam - Ultra High Resolution
SKU : 4B-20M
Watch the wild birds on your feeders really up-close like you have never seen before with our colour camera kit. FREE Niger seed feeder included
  • £114.95
Nest Box Camera Kit - Ultra Hi Res
SKU : 7B-20M
Ultra High Resolution CCD 700TVL Sony Effio Camera kit. Outstanding image quality, perfect for sheltered habitats and bird box projects.
  • £89.00
Ladybird Attractant
Ladybirds are beneficial garden predators and eat a wide variety of pest species like aphids, scale insects, mealy bugs etc. By increasing the number of ladybirds in your garden you reduce the need for pesticide control
  • £4.07
Butterfly Food
A formulated blend of food with essential vitamins suitable for wild butterflies, moths and bred butterflies.
  • £4.10
Solitary Bee Hive
Interactive Solitary Bee habitat with stacking trays, can be opened for inspection. Beneficial for pollination of flowers, fruit and vegetables.
  • Was £25.99
  • £24.99
Ladybird Tower
The slow seasoned trunk has a hollowed central chamber for ladybirds to shelter, filled with straw to provide insulation and security.
  • £11.99
Insect Habitat
Small overwintering dual chamber insect habitat which can be hung from trees and pergolas, near ponds or scented plants using the fixing loop.
  • £14.99
Bumblebee or Mini Mammal Nester
Handmade habitat to encourage nesting of bumblebees, or placed on the ground for mice. Bumblebees are often attracted to disused mouse and bird box nests!
  • £38.99
Self Amalgamating Tape
SKU : Tape-01
Weatherproof your cable connections with this rubberised amalgamating tape. 19mm x 10 Metres
  • Was £4.99
  • £4.49
Camera Bracket for Silver Camera
SKU : GN4-090
Bracket for discontinued SILVER nestbox cameras
  • RRP £1.99
  • £1.99
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