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The Essex Bird Feeding Station

The Essex Bird Feeding Station

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A simple yet sturdy bird feeding station, simply hook your bird feeders on and fill the trays with water and watch as an array of garden birds find sanctuary in your garden.


Simple bird feeding station: includes three hooks, a bird bath with support ring, and a mesh feeding tray. Sterling feeding tube and feeders are not included, but are sold separately. 

Easy Assembly: You can easily put this feeding station up by connecting the tubes together and attaching quick fitting accessories to the pole without any tools

Anti-rust material: the powder coated metal is rust-resistant, extending the life of the product.


Size: 200cm high, when fully extended

Material: metal

Colour: Black

Bird Feeding Tips

1. Fill bird feeders with the most nutritious foods for birds and try to vary the offerings seasonally to meet the nutritional needs of various birds all year long, including during breeding season and migration.

2. Choose birdseed and other foods carefully to select high-quality options that will attract more birds and keep them coming back for more meals.

3. Offer a variety of foods including nuts, suet, nectar, and fruit to attract different species with different dietary needs and feeding preferences.

4. Clean and sterilise bird feeders regularly to avoid spreading diseases among garden birds, and always be sure feeders are kept clean and in good condition.

5. Take additional steps to create bird-friendly landscaping and protect garden birds from cats and other predators so they will feel welcome and secure in your garden

6. Use baffles and other means to protect your feeders from non-bird guests, including squirrels, cats, mice, and other predators.

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