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Ultimate Wildlife Hide

Ultimate Wildlife Hide

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Camouflage Ultimate Wildlife Photography Hide

This ultimate wildlife photographers hide was designed in association with BBC presenter and wildlife photographer Simon King OBE. It has already won prestigious awards for being 'Best on Test' with Photo Plus and Digital Camera magazine.

This camo pattern hide measures 2 metres square, is showerproof and user friendly offering plenty of internal space and several viewing windows on all 4 sides including a low level ground camera port at the rear. This out of the backpack pop-up bird watching hide has been manufactured from a strong polyester material to prevent stitch rip and uses light weight carbon fibre poles to literally erect in seconds. The zips and guy ropes are also a camo pattern with silent cord pulls on all zip toggles too, really important in a hide for watching wildlife!. Zips are double sided to allow operation from inside or outside and there is moveable camouflage scrim on all internal windows to suit your camera lens or positioning. There is no groundsheet but there are corner flaps for optional weighing down on inside or outside with stones, this is especially useful if you cannot put pegs in the ground when you have found the ideal camo hide spot.

The Ultimate Wildlife Hide Specifications

  • Twin viewports on all windows giving porthole & wide cinematography options on all sides
  • Low level/ground dual-window camera port at rear
  • Base corner flaps which can be weighted down with stones either on the inside or outside (optional)
  • Moveable camouflage scrim material on all window internals
  • Double-sided zip pulls allowing opening & closing from either side
  • Zips and guy ropes camouflage pattern
  • Silent cord pulls on all zip toggles
  • Strong pegs and robust frame carbon fibre poles
  • Extra strength material to prevent 'stitch rip'
  • Pop-up design. 2 bendy poles add extra rigidity once tent is expanded.
  • Carry bag included

Ultimate Wildlife Hide Dimensions

1.45m (H) x 1.45m (W) x 1.45m (D) Erected
26cm x 15cm (D) in Backpack
Weight: 5.10 Kg

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