i-Catcher Wildlife 3.0 Software With Motion Detection
i-Catcher Wildlife 3.0 Software With Motion Detection
i-Catcher Wildlife 3.0 Software With Motion Detection
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, i-Catcher Wildlife 3.0 Software With Motion Detection
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, i-Catcher Wildlife 3.0 Software With Motion Detection
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, i-Catcher Wildlife 3.0 Software With Motion Detection

i-Catcher Wildlife 3.0 Software With Motion Detection

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i-Catcher Wildlife 3.0 with Motion Sensing

Do you have an existing wildlife camera and want to know what is visiting your garden or nest box when you're not watching?

i-Catcher Wildlife makes it very easy for you to watch and record the wildlife through your PC even when you're not there! 

i-Catcher Wildlife uses motion detection to trigger the recording of passing wildlife, as well as options for sending alerts by email, and uploading to your website. The software can also run in a time-lapse mode, offering virtually any time step to record your nature videos. Once your footage is recorded, you can convert it to a video file for use on DVDs, video presentations etc.

Sensitivity controls and user defined masks allow you to eliminate irrelevant images caused by moving trees, shadows and clouds. With support for USB web cams, composite video cameras (via suitable capture cards), and the latest network video devices.

Note: This product is not MAC compatible and does not support audio through a Video-USB adaptor.
         This product is not compatible with nest box IP cameras.

What can iCatcher Wildlife do?

Motion Detection

Advanced proprietary motion detection algorithm can detect even the slightest change from one image to the next

Time Lapse Mode

The ability to capture images at predefined time intervals - from seconds to hours

Web Cam Mode

Upload live images to a web page. Please note: You cannot log in and view this camera remotely unless you have configured Port Forwarding on your router. (We do not offer this service)

Automatic Web Page Creation

Inbuilt templates can automatically create web pages of your images

Digital Motion Tracking

Automatically zoom to and track motion without having to move the camera

Password Locking

Enables password protection of your monitoring system

Adjustable Trigger Levels

Allows trigger levels to be configured to suit conditions

Image Compression

Images stored in JPEG format for reduced storage requirements

Image Overlays (date and time stamping)

Overlay each image with date, time and other user-defined information

Digital Image Signatures

Images are stamped with a digital signature to prevent editing from an external source

Motion Masking

Mask out unwanted motion triggers such as swaying trees

Advanced Scheduling

Configure your i-Catcher to run at specific times - daily or weekly

Configure Multiple Profiles

Allows different personalities to be assigned to cameras for different modes of operation (can be used in conjuction with scheduling to provide automated changeover to new configuration at pre-set times)

Email Alerting

Can be configured to automatically generate and send Email Alerts with image attachments

FTP Support

Configurable FTP Server settings, for automated image uploads

Proxy Server Support (Firewalls)

Configurable settings for FTP through firewalls and proxy servers

Connection to i-Catcher Console and i-Catcher Smart Client

The ability to connect to other i-Catcher products, enabling multiple camera operation, monitoring & management and enhanced alerting capabilities

Embedded Web Server

The built-in web server allows you to provide webcam features without the need for additional web hosting, as well as provide web playback features

App Support

iCatcher Go & Pro - iCatcher Sentry & Wildlife now support our iPhone and Android Apps, download for live view iCatcher Go App £0.99p, interactive IOS App from £12.99

Does not support EMEye App for IP

Apps can only be viewed on multiple devices under one ID.


Minimum System Requirements

i-Catcher Wildlife

  • Processor:
    Pentium III or equivalent, 500Mhz or higher.
    500Mhz or higher recommended for multi-camera operation
  • Memory:
    64Mb minimum, 128Mb recommended.
  • Operating System:
    • Windows XP (Service Pack 3 Recommended)
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows Vista *
    • Windows Server 2008 *
    • Windows 7 *
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 *
    • Windows 8  
    • Windows 10 compatible
    • Not MAC compatible
    • * These operating systems will enforce folder virtualisation on the i-Catcher storage folders, causing the recorded history to be relocated to a different part of the hard disk. This will not affect application operation.
    • Hard disk: 10Gb of hard disk space for storing images, fast hard disk drive recommended


IMPORTANT: By purchasing any i-Catcher software product you agree that you have reasonably determined that the product is suitable for use prior to purchase. Registration keys can NOT be retracted once issued, and no refunds will be given for any registration keys that have already been sent to you.