i-Catcher Console 6.1 Software (2 Camera)
i-Catcher Console 6.1 Software (2 Camera)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, i-Catcher Console 6.1 Software (2 Camera)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, i-Catcher Console 6.1 Software (2 Camera)

i-Catcher Console 6.1 Software (2 Camera)

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iCatcher Console 6.1 (2 Camera Licence)

Watch multiple cameras on your PC

i-Catcher Console provides a complete scalable CCTV or wildlife camera system with motion detection, alerting, remote web interface, simultaneous record & playback, scheduled activity, device control, and flexible display options exceeding the standards you would expect from a modern digital CCTV system.

i-Catcher Console uses a wide range of camera devices, including USB webcams, capture cards (for connection to conventional analogue CCTV cameras), and the latest network/IP video servers and cameras. Because of its modular design, you are not limited to one type of device for the whole system - you can mix devices as required.

i-Catcher Console also works with PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom) cameras to not only provide a remotely moveable CCTV camera, but also provides auto-tracking - the camera can move to follow movement through a monitored area.

Motion detection is performed without the need for PIR triggers and external motion detectors. Once motion is detected, recording begins. For extra security, i-Catcher can record before and after the motion event to ensure you capture everything, and sensitivity controls add an extra level of flexibility.

Digital image storage means that access to stored images is instant, and allows you to playback the footage while still recording, as well as a loop play feature, to continuously loop the most recent activity - features traditional CCTV systems are simply unable to provide.

With digital image storage comes simple yet comprehensive systems for image management. Archiving automatically ensures you retain the right amount footage, image integrity checking ensures your footage is not tampered with, and feed management allows you to precisely control the storage of images per camera feed.

i-Catcher Console supports I/O input and control through a variety of interfaces, allowing almost any remote control configuration (subject to use of controller hardware). The flexibility and simplicity of the user interface is available remotely, and yet requires only a web browser for use. No ActiveX controls are needed, no software needs to be installed. The remote interface provides a full live feed view, with digital zoom options, control of PTZ cameras, multiple simultaneous feeds, and image quality settings to improve performance through bandwidth reduction. Playback is also provided with all the options of the local playback facility, and most of Consoles configuration can be adjusted through remote administration. All of these features can be password protected at many levels to provide a powerful security system

Whats new in iCatcher Console 6.1

  • In-camera motion detection for reduced bandwidth and better performance.
  • Axis Physical Access Control integration for enhanced physical security.
  • Better support for corridor mode cameras.
  • Improved notifications when there are problems with the storage drives or archiving.
  • Improved iDomain functionality with full support for alternative addresses.
  • Retry sending alerts when there are temporary failures.
  • Video export over longer periods when the file size exceeds 2GiB.

Added camera/device support:

  • ABUS TVIP52502 camera
  • Avigilon 1.0-H3M-DO1 and 2.0MP-HD-H264-B2 cameras
  • Axis F41 and F44 camera unit
  • Axis M1025 camera
  • Axis M1145 and M1145-L cameras
  • Axis M3027-PVE dome cameras
  • Axis P1405-E, P1405-LE, P1425-E and P1425-LE bullet cameras
  • Axis P1428-E 4K bullet camera
  • Axis P3214-V camera
  • Axis P3905 and P3915 vehicle cameras
  • Axis A1001 door controllers
  • Dahua IPC-HFW4100E and DH-SD42212S-HN cameras
  • D-Link DCS-6113 camera
  • Genie IPSD2PTZ20 and WIP2PTZ20IR dome cameras
  • Honeywell H2S2P6X, H3D5SR2X, H4D1FR and HDZ20HD cameras
  • Luminite Genesis PIR detectors
  • Merit LILIN IPR712M camera
  • Sony SNC-VB600, SNC-WR600, SNC-WR630, SNC-VM632R and SNC-HM662 cameras
  • Ubiquiti airCam, airCam Dome, airCam Mini cameras
  • Vivotek FD8154, FD8164V and FD8166 dome cameras
  • Vivotek IB8367 and IB8369 bullet cameras
  • Vivotek SD8313 dome camera

Important Note: Icatcher is not MAC compatible

By purchasing any i-Catcher software product you agree that you have reasonably determined that the product is suitable for use prior to purchase. Registration keys cannot be retracted once issued, and no refunds will be given for any registration keys that have already been sent to you.