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Bumblebee or Mini Mammal Nester

Bumblebee or Mini Mammal Nester

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Bumble Bee Nester  /  Mini Mammal Habitat

It is very important that nesting bees are kept dry and accordingly this Bumble Bee Nester is constructed from thick durable timber (Cedar/Larch/Alder) and recycled plastic from agricultural sources. The overhanging roof can be opened to reveal an internal and removable clear viewing window for watching the bees and inspection. This Bumble Bee habitat comes with nesting material, you can also mix in some fine hay and dry moss to help create a nesting pocket. Vent holes are provided for good air flow. A  timber fixing bracket is also attached to allow the nester to be properly fixed in an elevated location (up to 2 meters high) where possible. The queen bumblebee spends her winter alone underground, when she emerges in the springtime she is looking for a new home in which to start her new bumblebee colony. The front of the bumblebee nester features a bright yellow surface in contrast with the dark nesting hole and entrance ramp.

If left on the ground this product can also become a cozy habitat for small mammals!  Queen bumblebees often make their colony after a mouse has nested. So if you attract a mouse in year one, this is good news and will make the box more attractive to a queen bumblebee in year 2. Be sure to leave the mouse nest in place.

This Bumble Bee Nester / Mini Mammal Habitat comes with a useful instruction guide full of hints and tips for either application.

  • Dimensions: H 440mm W 360mm L 170mm
  • Weight: 2.9 Kg

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