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Browning Patriot

Browning Patriot

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Browning Patriot

The Browning Patriot trail camera delivers some excellent features for 2020, these include a very impressive 0.15 sec trigger speed and a 0.35 sec recovery time which is among the fastest of trail cameras we have known. 
The Patriot is the newest addition to the Browning Trail Camera dual lens family and it features military grade invisible infrared illumination technologies. The Patriot camera trap has 2 built in camera sensors and lens arrays. The sensor and lens combination for daytime photography is finely tuned to deliver clear, razor sharp images and videos in the field during the daytime. The military grade night vision sensor and lens system deliver nighttime photos and videos using invisible Infrared illumination. 
The Browning Patriot also features a 2 inch color viewing screen, adjustable night illumination options and shoots 1080p Full HD videos at up to 60 frames per second. If you are looking for a feature rich trail camera that operates completely undetectable in the woods, day or night, look no further than the Browning Patriot series camera.  

Additional features for this Patriot camera model includes something that Browning call 'Smart IR video' this function allows continued video footage recording (upto 2 mins) whilst the subject is still moving in front of the camera, so what this actually means is that if you set video for 20 secs and there is still motion detected, the recording will stay on up to a max of 2 minutes (day) or 20 secs (night).  This Camera is 12 volt so whilst night videos may be limited to 20 secs, if there is still motion the camera will recover and start recording again in under one second, this preserves battery power, memory capacity and the LED's.

Further menu options include SD card management enabling overwrite of older images on the SD card if the memory becomes full. Something we haven't seen before is that this Browning camera will also  take up to a massive 512 GB SD memory card, not that you should ever need it, but it could be handy!

There are three recording modes to choose from, Photo or Video and Time Lapse plus. Time lapse is daytime only and can be used simultaneously with photo or video motion detection still triggering.

The Browning Patriot is robust and weatherproof, it has a steel back plate that offers a teeth effect grip that when used with the included nylon camera strap offers secure attachment to a tree or post etc.

Battery life is good too, this camera will invariably run for up to 11 months when in daily use on one set of 8 x AA's. Alkaline can be used but Lithium batteries are recommended for longevity and consistent performance. 

Accessories for this Browning camera are offered when you click the 'BUY' button above.

Browning Patriot Camera Features: 

  • 24MP megapixel image quality
  • Dual Camera Lens Technology
  • 2” Colour Viewing Screen which is forward facing
  • Invisible Night IR Illumination
  • 110 ft. Illumination Range at Night
  • 90 ft. Movement Detection Range
  • Adjustable Flash Range (power save, long range)
  • 1920x1080 Full HD Videos with Audio @ 60 fps (5 sec.- 2 min. length)
  • 0.15 second Trigger Speed
  • 0.35 second Trigger Recovery Time
  • Smart IR Technology Automatically adjusts IR Flash for Perfect Night Photos
  • All-Steel Tree Mounting Bracket
  • SD card management
  • Long battery life from 8 AA batteries (available at additional cost)
  • Up to 8 multi Shot images
  • Up to 8 Rapid Fire images
  • Smart IR video
  • Selectable Start / Stop Image Timer
  • Programmable picture delay (1 sec. – 60 min.)
  • Picture info bar displays: time, date, temperature, moon phase, barometric pressure, camera ID
  • Multilingual Program Menu
  • 12 volt external power jack
  • Supports up to 512GB SDXC memory card (available at additional cost)
  • ¼” -20 tripod socket
  • Compact case size 5” x 3.75” x 2.5”
  • Timelapse Plus camera mode with IR triggered images
  • Compatible with Browning Buck Watch Time Lapse Viewer software
  • 2 year Warranty when purchased through Gardenature
  • Lifetime technical support when purchased through Gardenature

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