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Bee Barn

Bee Barn

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Bee Barn

The Bee Barn is designed to attract solitary bees and other pollinating insects to take shelter and create their homes in the various crevices of the bee box.
The solitary bee house has a compartment at the bottom that you can fill with nesting materials, this has a recycled plastic door which will swivel down and provide an entrance hole for the solitary bees and other insects. Produced from sustainably managed wood with a recycled second-life plastic frontage, this Bee Barn comes in an attractive gift box and is easy to put up and care for.
This product is produced from sustainably managed forests and the plastic board used is recycled. 

Bee Barn positioning:
Ideally site 1 - 2 metres high in a sheltered South S/easterly position near plants that are known to attract bees.

Bee Barn dimensions:

Weight: 0.61kg
Dimensions: 17.5 × 11 × 21 cm

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