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Afidus ATB100 Time Lapse Camera Kit

Afidus ATB100 Time Lapse Camera Kit

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Afidus ATB-100 HD Time Lapse Camera Bundle 

Example Time Lapse or Motion uses:

  • Long-term time-lapse projects (construction, landscaping etc)
  • Macro time-lapse projects (flower time-lapse etc)
  • Timelapse Parties / Weddings etc
  • Timelapse Changing seasons
  • Wildlife monitoring: Bird Feeder / Bird Bath etc
  • Security monitoring
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Both day and night projects. Various HDR options.
  • Stop motion animation
  • Remote deployment
  • Weekly scheduler - only record between the hours you want, on the days you want.
  • Indoor and outdoor use. Fully IP65 Certified.

Highlights of the ATB-100 Smart timelapse camera kit

  • Sony IMX Sensor Sony Exmor IMX sensor with HDR, select the HDR amount within the app for great contrasts between bright and dark areas of your scene.
  • MP4 Format Easy editing on all platforms
  • Fixed Focal lens
  • Long Battery Life Long term time lapse camera. With a capture a minute during working hours, expect your batteries to last a month. A capture every 10 minutes gives you 60 days between battery changes.
  • 1080p HD Full HD 1920x1080 sensor in a long term time lapse camera. 1080 is an amazing leap for a camera with months of battery life
  • WiFI App Control Full Wifi app control, press the camera button, connect to it with the Wi-fi signal on your phone and open the app, in seconds you have complete control of your camera on your phone.
  • Weather resistant IP65, which means dust protected and water splashing will have no effect on the camera. There is no need to purchase an optional housing with the ATL-200.
  • Pinch Zoom You have a full screen preview of your subject on your phone, pinch out to zoom and confirm accurate focus. To adjust tap AF for autofocus or + - for manual 
  • Power source: 4x AA batteries (included) / Micro USB input
  • Memory Card: upto 128GB Micro (16GB included)
  • Camera Size: 72 x 91 x 44mm. 
  • Weight: 140g without batteries

Other Features Include:

  • Stop motion mode, select Snapshot and build a video using the power/shutter button on the camera.
  • Step Video mode allows you to make creative movies at 30 FPS with a time gap between captures.
  • You can mount the camera upside down and have the subject rotated for proper orientation when you download the video.
  • Still images are a quick camera icon tap.
  • The app has a card format feature, perfect for the times you have downloaded your content but forgot to delete.
  • The time stamp can be enabled, position changed and even customized with your own text
  • The date and time are always correct, based upon your phone's date and time.
  • Firmware updates are done via the app and Wi-Fi.
  • Custom settings include Exposure, Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation, HDR Range, Quality, Scene Settings and 16:9 or 1:1 square format.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 12 months


What's in the Box ?

  • Afidus ATL-201 time lapse camera
  • 4x AA Alkaline Batteries
  • 16GB Micro SD card with adaptor
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Camera Fixing bracket
  • USB Cable

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