2FN Special Bat Box

2FN Special Bat Box

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Schwegler Special Bat Box 2FN

This Schwegler bat box is ideal for nailing to a tree and offers a safe haven for bats.

Manufactured from woodcrete this Schwegler Bat Box has proved popular with Noctule and Bechstein's Bats

This 2FN bat box has two entrances, one at the rear against the tree trunk and one at the front. Bats often creep into the rear entrance but leave by the front.

It has a domed roof to form clusters and an increased internal height. It is very suitable for woodland species like the Noctule (Nyctalus noctula) and has proven highly successful.

In one instance 28 Great Bats with nine young were recorded in a 2FN, and this is not uncommon.

The 2FN Special Bat Box is effective against small predators and excludes draughts and light. This model is particularly suitable for use in parks and forests.

2FN Special Bat Box Features:


  •  Backed by 25 year guarantee (in addition to your statutory rights)
  • The front panel can be removed for inspection and cleaning
  • Supplied with Hanger and Alliminium Nail
  •  Dimensions: 160 Diameter x 360H mm.
  • Weight: 4.9kg
  • Colour: Black

25 Year Warranty

These nest boxes are especially made to exacting standards by Schwegler using their unique WoodcretePLUS™ material - an incredibly tough, durable mix of sawdust, concrete and clay that is rotproof, predator proof and impervious to the worst weather. Their excellent insulating properties will keep any nesting brood warm and sheltered, and their smart, natural looks will stay good for decades to come.

 WoodcretePLUS™ is superior to all other materials for nest boxes, including the many sub-standard wood-concrete mixes attempted by others over the years. For example:

 • During 50 years of use, it has proven to be exceptionally longlasting - usually well in excess of 25 years.

 • It provides precisely the right thermal properties for both chick-rearing and winter roosting.

 • Fully waterproof, it requires no maintenance whatsoever.

 • It resists nearly all forms of natural damage, including that made by woodpeckers and pine martens.

 WoodcretePLUS™ nest boxes are the choice of conservationists throughout the world, universally recognised as the best, both for their exceptionally high occupation rates and value for money.