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AA Duracell Plus Power.
AA Duralock Power plus.
AA Duracell Plus Power.
AA Duralock Power plus.

Duracell Plus Power Batteries AA MN1500 LR6 - 8 Pack

When you're spending a lot of money on a camera it's really important to choose a good battery to power it, poor quality batteries will not provide the best for your camera or your pocket.
Alkaline batteries are cheaper than Lithium which is why they are more popular, we recommend lithium but if you're on a budget then these batteries would be the next choice for you.

These Alkaline Duracell Plus Power AA size batteries are a new model and offer improved performance compared to the older Duracell Plus AA MN1500 batteries. So to ensure you are getting the very latest Duracell AA size batteries make sure they have DURACELL PLUS POWER printed on the pack and have the Duralock silver band around each battery. Duracell Plus Power AA batteries offer up to 40% more power compared to previous version Duracell Plus.
These Duracell AA 8-Pack Plus Power are one of our most trusted Alkaline Batteries.The Duralock technology built into these Plus Power AA batteries ensures a 10 year power preserve.

  • Duracell Plus Power AA 8-Pack (5+3 Free). 
  • Size AA LR6 MN1500.
  • Long shelf life, Best before 2023 
  • Duracell AA 8-Pack.This pack contains 5 AA plus 3 FREE AA batteries.
  • Insist on Duracell Plus Power AA Batteries