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Digital wireless is no longer available. talk to us about a WiFi IP camera system for this habitat

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swift nestbox with wireless camera
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swift nest box - gardenature.co.uk
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swift nestbox with wireless camera
swift box cam - gardenature.co.uk
digital wireless AV mitters | gardenature
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swift nesting box - gardenature.co.uk
swift nest box - gardenature.co.uk
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Swift Nest Box with Wireless Camera

This Swift Nest Box has been handcrafted in 18mm Redwood Cedar that has been responsibly sourced (certified PEFC), and built to last for many years.
Ideally placed out of direct sunlight (facing North, NE or NW) at least 4-5 metres off the ground under eaves or on a wall, it can be put in a tree but swift's like a clear unobstructed flight path. 
The front section of this swift box can be completely removed for easy cleaning and access to the camera, the swift box roof has a slight incline to quickly disperse water and there are four drain holes in the swift nesting box floor.

This Swift box Camera Kit Contains:

  • Swift Nest Box, hand made from Western Red Cedar (PEFC certified)
  • Ultra High resolution Sony Effio 700 TVL (TV Line) CCD colour camera with infrared night vision, Audio and user adjustable focus.
  • Digital Wireless pair TX / RX, upto 120 meter range      
  • 10 Meter DC cable from TX to mains
  • 2x regulated 100-240v AC / 12volt DC mains adaptor plugs (Indoor use)
  • TV Scart plug (RCA Yellow / White) optional TV input
  • Nest box fixing screws
  • Instruction sheet 
  • Warranty: Camera 3 years, TX/RX 1 year

The Camera

This Sony EFFIO CCD Ultra High Resolution 700TVL (TV Line) Camera has been designed specifically for use with Gardenature camera nest boxes and feeder camera kits. This truly outstanding bird box camera uses an intelligent Sony Effio DSP Chip which operates with a Super Light Sensor to cleverly adjust the image quality to suit its environment. Not only this, the light sensor also serves to adjust the x10 infrared night vision LEDs to a graduating on/off, gently supplementing loss or gain of natural light levels with an invisible IR. The result of this outstanding technology is that we can now produce ultra high resolution colour images in full light of day and sharp black and white images at night or low light level conditions. This mini bird box camera incorporates a highly sensitive microphone so you can hear as well as see what's going on. The nest box camera has a 3.6mm lens producing a 92 degree viewing angle, this has been pre-focused to the optimum position but can manually be adjusted if required.

The Wireless Digital System 

This Gardenature Digital Wireless Transmitter and Receiver kit has been manufactured with the aim of being very simple to install, so it really is fit 'plug and play'.

The wireless transmitter and receiver used in this kit is of a professional CCTV quality, it uses digitally encrypted technology which is much more powerful than some cheaper systems that only cover short distances and are prone to interference. The advantage of using digital wireless is that you will get 100% interference free video and audio quality as these paired devices will automatically channel hop if they detect a signal being used by another device such as broadband etc. Our digital transmitters are capable of sending a clear AV signal over 120 metres 'line of sight'. We can also supply optional high gain antennas for distances of 250m 'line of sight'.

What is line of sight ? This is the measured distance achievable when there are no obstructions between the TX and RX. A standard house wall can reduce the transmission distance by upto 30 meters.

So what goes where ? Although the audio & video transmission is wireless from the TX transmitter to the RX receiver, there is a need for some cable connections to the camera and for power. 

Inside: The receiver will connect straight to your TV via a spare Scart input (adaptor included), or yellow & white RCA Video/Audio inputs. There is a 240v / 12vDC plug for mains connection at the wall.

Outside: The AV transmitter and camera have a 10 meter DC power cable which should be run to the the nearest weatherproof mains power supply. This means that the overall distance from the mains location to the actual swift nest box camera can be upto 30 ft away, extensions available if required.  


Click on the `Buy' button and you will be offered optional accessories such as a Swift Call CDPC / MAC USB connection, Extension CablesHDMI connection and much more... 

Customer Service 

This kit has been designed and manufactured in the UK by Gardenature. When you purchase from us we want you to experience high quality service levels combined with the reward of owning a British made product. We are very proud of our brand and service values, if there is anything else we can do to help with your project or you're just not sure what to buy, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

AGC: Auto
Antenna /Aerial: 3dB omni directional (standard)
Audio: Highly sensitive built in Mic
Auto Transmission Pairing: upto 20 channels
BLC: Auto
Box Entrance Hole Size: 65 x 32mm
Box_Material: Western Red Cedar PEFC cert
Camera Dimensions: 42 x 42mm Metal
Camera_Consumption: 150mA
Camera_Lens: 1/3 ~ 92dgs angle
Digital Transmission Frequency: 2.4000 > 2.4835 GHz (Auto hoping)
Electronic_Shutter: 1/50~ 1/10
Infrared_(IR): Yes
Main DSP: 4140 + 673
Max Current Draw: 200mA (RX) (TX + Camera) 350mA
Maximum No of TX RX per site: x 4 pairs
Maximum Transmission Distance: 120 Meters (line of sight) +Options available
Minimum_Illumination: 0.0 Lux LED on
Min_Operating_Temperature: -20Deg C (leave switched on)
Nest box Dimensions: H186 x D195 x W470mm (incl roof overhang)
Nest Box Weight: 2.1 kg
Outdoor 12vDC Cable > Mains: 10 Meters (33ft)
Power: 12v DC Regulator Supplied
Resolution: 700TVL (TV line)
Sync_System: Auto
TX/RX dimensions: W 160 X H 125 X D 40mm (without aerial)
TX/RX Video Resolution: 720 x 480. 30fps
Video_System: PAL
Warranty: 3 years Camera / 1 Year Transmitters
White_balance: Auto
Wireless: Yes