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Digital wireless is no longer available. talk to us about a WiFi IP camera system

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Wireless Mini Wildlife Camera Kit 

The Gardenature range of Wildlife cameras offer the keen wildlife enthusiast a great way to monitor a wide range of animals day and night. Designed, assembled, quality inspected and packaged from our own workshops, these kits offer great value for money

The mini eyeball wildlife camera is ideally focused for live video capture where the subject will not usually be closer than 16cm and is within 7 meters. The camera has a Sony CCD 3.6mm 70 degree angle fixed focus lens which produces high resolution 600 TV Line colour images by day, and 7 - 10 meters of infrared (IR) black & white images by night.

At about the size of a golf ball, this brilliant little weatherproof camera can be used for a whole multitude of applications inside or outside your home, from kestrel boxes to chicken coops the list of uses is endless. Protected by a robust metal casing which allows you to swivel and fix the camera in the desired position this product makes a great pet camera too!

The Wireless Digital System 

This Gardenature Digital Wireless Transmitter and Receiver has been manufactured with the aim of being very simple to install, so it really is a case of assemble plug and play.

The wireless transmitter and receiver used in this kit is of a professional CCTV quality, it uses digitally encrypted technology which is much more powerful than some cheaper systems that only cover short distances and are prone to interference. The advantage of using digital wireless is that you will get 100% interference free video and audio quality as these paired devices will automatically channel hop if they detect a signal being used by another device such as broadband etc. Our digital transmitters are capable of sending a clear AV signal over 120 metres 'line of sight'. We can also supply optional high gain antennas for distances of 250m 'line of sight'.

What is line of sight ? This is the measured distance achievable when there are no obstructions between the TX and RX. A standard house wall can reduce the transmission distance by upto 30 meters.

So what goes where ? Although the audio & video transmission is wireless from the TX transmitter to the RX receiver, there is a need for some cable connections to the camera and for power. 

Inside: The receiver will connect straight to your TV via a spare Scart input (adaptor included), or yellow & white RCA Video/Audio inputs. There is a 240v / 12v DC plug for mains connection at the wall.  

Outside: The AV transmitter has a 10 meter DC power cable which should be run to the the nearest mains power supply, ideally located in a shed or garage etc. This means that the overall distance from the outdoor mains location to the actual Eyeball camera can be upto 12 meters away, extensions available if required.   

 Mini Wildlife Camera Kit Contains:

  • High resolution Sony CCD Colour camera (600TVL resolution) with switching infrared illumination enabling 24hr viewing. 
  • Digital Wireless Transmitter & Receiver
  • 2x 12v Regulated Mains Adapters
  • 10 Meter weatherproof mains /12v DC cable
  • Scart Adapter
  • Weatherproof Junction Box
  • Fixing screws and Hex Key
  • Installation guide


Select the desired cable length then click on the `Buy' button, you will then be offered optional accessories such as PC / MAC USB connection, Extension CablesHDMI connection and much more... 

Customer Service 

This kit has been designed and manufactured in the UK by Gardenature. When you purchase from us we want you to experience high quality service levels combined with the reward of owning a British made product. We are very proud of our brand and service values, if there is anything else we can do to help with your project or you're just not sure what to buy, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Antenna /Aerial: 3dB omni directional (standard)
Audio: No
Auto Transmission Pairing: upto 20 channels
Camera Weight: 210g
Camera_Dimension: 60 x 58mm (metal)
Camera_Sensor: Sony 1/3" CCD. Colour
Current Consumption (max): 140mA
Digital Transmission Frequency: 2.4000 > 2.4835 GHz (Auto hoping)
Effective_Pixels: 752 (h) x 582 (v)
Gamma_Correction: 0.45
Infrared_LED: x24 auto switching sensor
Input_Voltage: 12v DC (regulator supplied)
IP Rating: IP66
IR Distance (night vision): 7 - 10 meters
Lens: 3.6mm 70dg angle.
Max Current Draw: 200mA (RX) (TX + Camera) 350mA
Maximum No of TX RX per site: x 4 pairs
Maximum Transmission Distance: 120 Meters (line of sight) +Options available
Minimum_Illumination: 0.0 Lux LED on
Operating_temperature: -20C > +50C
Outside 12v Cable Length > Mains: 10 Meters / 33ft
Resolution: 600TVL (TV line)
Scanning System: 2:1 Interlace
Shutter_Speed: 1/50 - 1/100
Synchronising_System: Internal
TX/RX dimensions: W 160 X H 125 X D 40mm (without aerial)
Video Output: 1vp-p composite
Video_System: PAL
White_balance: Auto
Wireless: Yes