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Interactive Solitary Bee Hive

Beneficial for pollination of garden flowers, fruit and vegetables. Interactive Solitary Beehive with a hinged inspection lid, educational and fun for all.
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Urban bee Nester |
Urban bee box |
solitary bee box |
Urban bee Nester |
Urban bee box |
solitary bee box |

Urban Bee Nester

The Urban Bee Nester is a very contemporary yet sturdy design that carries a manufacturers 10 year guarantee. The cassette type bee and insect chamber not only feels and looks good but it is incredibly easy to use and maintain.

The removable inner cassette of the solitary bee nester is made from natural FSC certified timber and drilled canes. The selected canes and the holes are the optimum size for solitary bees but other insects may overwinter in the cassette. Solitary bees are non-swarming bees which rarely sting and are usually safe around families and pets. Solitary bees are great for flower and garden pollination, they have a fascinating life cycle which you can observe by installing this solitary bee nester.

This Urban Bee Nester should ideally be hung in a warm sunny position where it can catch a little morning sun. Facing South / South East is perfect. Ideal height between 0.75m and 1.5m above ground.

We particularly like the urban bee nester for its environmental credentials due to the recycled element, the outer shell of the bee box is made from a composite material of 70% clay and 30% recycled plastics and carries a 10 year guarantee. 

Urban Bee Nester Specifications:

160 x 160 x D 155
Weight: 1.5 Kg