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squirrel feeder - gardenature.co.uk
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Squirrel Feeder

This sturdy squirrel feeder has been made from durable FSC timber and has a corrosion resistant lid hinge to ensure longevity and proper functioning. The generous hopper is easily filled with peanuts. An ideal feeder to attract and maintain squirrels in the garden. 

Squirrel Feeder Positioning

Squirrels are amusing acrobats, they will find and steal nuts from just about anywhere in your garden. Position your squirrel feeder in a convenient place where you can easily reach it for filling up, but try and keep it away from your bird feeding areas. When a squirrel discovers the feeder you will have so much fun watching it work out how to get at the food, but once found never forgotten!

Because many different species of creature are constantly seeking food and safe nesting sites, you may find that an unexpected species is using your product - this is part of nature and all species should be welcomed as part of your wildlife garden. 

Squirrel Feeder Dimensions

 Height: 230mm
 Width: 170 mm
 Depth: 195mm
 Weight: 0.85 kg