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seek Thermal Reveal PRO FF

Seek Thermal RevealPRO FF

The Seek Thermal RevealPRO is a powerful handheld thermal imaging camera that you can use for a multitude of applications. 

With a detection range of upto 1800 ft this thermal imaging device is great for spotting wildlife from quite a distance, even at closer range being able to pick up the body heat of those fast flighty creatures such as bats, makes a thermal camera a 'must have' for the nocturnal wildlife enthusiast! 

Rugged in its design, the Seek RevealPRO combines high-resolution thermal imaging and a 15Hz fast frame rate for a smooth viewing experience. Whilst also boasting a wide temperature detection range from -40 to 330°C (-40 to 626°F). It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and a large color display in one very durable rubber coated device which includes a powerful 300-lumen LED light at the touch of a button.

The RevealPRO offers a start up time of less than 3 seconds and has a choice of up to 9 colour palettes to choose from, allowing you to tune the device to your own specific needs. Users are able to use the Thermal camera day or night with no change in functionality, and can capture photos straight to the devices internal memory. 

The Seek thermal camera RevealPro has an extremely high performance 320 x 240 pixel thermal detector, it produces excellent quality thermal images and stores them all on its built-in 4GB hard drive. Images can easily be downloaded via USB connection to your PC using a micro USB connection cable which is also included as standard.

This powerful handheld thermal imaging camera has a 32° field of view and a 550m /1800 ft detection range making it one of the most advanced thermal imagers in the Seek series. The Seek Thermal Reveal PRO is more than just a compact, easy-to-use thermal camera, it's also Seek's most advanced thermal camera yet!

Seek Thermal Reveal PRO Thermal Camera Features:

  • Fixed Focus
  • 300 Lumen LED (Programmable Brightness)
  • 9 Colour Palette Options
  • 3 Button Navigation
  • Storage Media: 2GB Internal Memory
  • Level & Span control functions for specified detail capture
  • Calibrate for surface types for more accuracy control
  • 6cm display with Gorilla® Glass
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Colour: Carbon Fiber
  • Thermal Sensor: 320x240
  • Detection Distance: 550m
  • Field Of View: 32°
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to 330°C
  • Frame Rate: >15Hz
  • Microbolometer: Vanadium Oxide
  • Spectral Range: 7.5 – 14µ
  • Start-up Time: <3 seconds
  • Battery Life: Up to 4 hours
  • Device Dimensions: 127 x 60.96 x 30.48mm
  • Device Weight: 177g 

In the Box

  • Seek Reveal Pro
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • Welcome Guide
  • USB Cable