Schwegler 1B -
Schwegler bird
schwegler bird nester-
Schwegler tit box-
Schwegler nesting.
schwegler 1b
Schwegler 1B -
Schwegler bird
schwegler bird nester-
Schwegler tit box-
Schwegler nesting.
schwegler 1b

Schwegler Nest Box 1B

Schwegler nest boxes are warm and weatherproof for winter yet cool and comfortable for young chicks, the Schwegler 1B is the first choice of birdcare professionals worldwide who insist on performance and durability. These Schwegler nesting boxes are designed for a lifetime of service in excess of 25 years. Ideally Positioned on trees or buildings, Schwegler nesting boxes are supplied with a galvanised hanger and an aluminium nail. The sliding front panels to this nest box can be interchanged with Schwegler 2M and Schwegler 2F nesting boxes

Schwegler 1B Nesting Box available hole sizes:

  • 26mm: Blue, Marsh, Coal and Crested Tit, possibly Wren. all other species are prevented by the smaller hole
  • 32mm: Great, Blue, Marsh, Coal and Crested Tit, Redstart, Nuthatch, Collared and Pied Flycatcher, Wryneck, Tree and House Sparrows, bats.
  • 29 x 55mm Oval hole: Redstart. Could also be used by 32mm hole species, but because more light enters the box it is preferred by redstarts.

Schwegler Bird Box available colours: 

Classic Brown, Olive Green, Nature Red or Modern White.  

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Schwegler 1B Box Features:

  • Low maintenance - just fit and forget
  • Highest occupancy rates
  • Ideal for most small hole nesting birds
  • Easy-open mechanism for inspection and cleaning
  • Easy to hang from wall or tree - supplied complete with aluminium nail for safe tree fixing
  • The choice of birdcare professionals - millions sold

Schwegler 1B Bird Box dimensions:

  • 260H x 170W x 180D mm
  • Internal 120mm
  • Weight 3.6kg

 Schwegler Wood-Crete Bird Boxes

These nest boxes are especially made to exacting standards by Schwegler using their unique WoodcretePLUS™ material - an incredibly tough, durable mix of sawdust, concrete and clay that is rot-proof, predator proof and impervious to the worst weather. Their excellent insulating properties will keep any nesting brood warm and sheltered, and their smart, natural looks will stay good for decades to come. 

  • During 50 years of use, Schwegler bird boxes have proven to be exceptionally long lasting - usually well in excess of 25 years.
  • Schwegler materials provide precisely the right thermal properties for both chick-rearing and winter roosting.
  • Fully waterproof, Schwegler bird box requires no maintenance.
  • Schwegler products resist nearly all forms of natural damage, including that made by woodpeckers and pine martens.

WoodcretePLUS™ nest boxes are the choice of conservationists throughout the world, universally recognised as the best, both for their exceptionally high occupation rates and value for money. 

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