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Wren nest box -
bird box for wrens,
roundhouse wren
Wren nest box -
bird box for wrens,
roundhouse wren

Wren Nest box

Especially appealing to wrens, Roundhouse™ can significantly increase the chances of attracting this distinctive visitor to your garden. Sculpted from hard wearing Woodcrete PLUS™, the wren box can be sited near the ground, tucked away in thick undergrowth, partly shrouded in ivy or sited higher up beneath the eaves of a garden shed.

Hung from a tree or other unobstructed site, this wren nesting box will also attract other small hole-nesting species like blue, great and coal tits as well as house and tree sparrows. It comes ready to mount with its own galvanized steel hanger

Cleaning the Wren nesting box

The wren box comprises of two shells and should ideally be cleaned out in the autumn. To open the Wren Roundhouse you need to loosen the wire around the bird box. To do this simply hold the square metal piece that is just above the top of the wren box which holds the wire together and slide this up, in turn this will slide some of the wire down which will then loosen the grip on the nest box. The top of the box will then lift off easily. 

Wren Nest Features:

  • Unique design of exceptional quality... built to last a lifetime
  • Also suitable for tits, sparrows and other small hole nesting birds
  • Maintenance free... just fit and forget!
  • Backed by 25 year guarantee (in addition to your statutory rights)
  • Diameter: 185 mm approx
  • Entrance hole: 30 x 27 mm
  • galvanized cable length: 200 mm approx
  • Weight 2.0 kg
Select Colour: Ivy Green