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This product has been discontinued and superseded by the Hedgehog Haus

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Hedgehog Haus

This sturdy hedgehog house is spacious enough to shelter mother and hoglets, it has a restricted entrance for additional protection. Cover with leaves and foliage for wintering.
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  • WAS £36.99
hogitat hedgehog -
Natural Hedgehog nest,
hedgehog home -
hogitat hedgehog -
Natural Hedgehog nest,
hedgehog home -

Natural Hedgehog Home

The Hogitat Hedgehog Home is designed to be an attractive natural home and safe retreat for hedgehogs in your garden.

This natural hedgehog home features a sturdy, rust-proofed steel frame, a waterproofed roof and a predator defence tunnel. Specifically designed to blend into the garden setting, the Hogitat hedgehog home has an attractive natural appearance that will comfortably nestle into any garden environment. Choose a quiet position out of the prevailing wind in an area with some nearby cover.

Hogitat Dimensions: 250 x 430 x 500mm

Hedgehogs in the Garden

The hedgehog is known as ‘the gardener’s friend’ as it will eat slugs, beetles, caterpillars etc., and does no harm, so if you have a garden a hedgehog is to be encouraged. They should not be kept in close captivity, but regarded as welcome visitors.

If you want to attract wildlife to your garden leave wild areas and avoid tidying up too much. Hedgehogs tend to hibernate between November and mid March and may choose the stack of leaves or branches in your garden. For this reason if you have to get rid of such material move it to a different spot before setting fire to it - a hedgehog may be sheltering or hibernating in it. They like to nest under things such as sheds, hedges and brushwood and they need plenty of dry leaves to build their nest.

Why have a hedgehog House?

25% of hedgehogs do not survive from one year to the next due to many things like road kill, bonfires, slug pellets, poisonous pesticides and late born hoglets not reaching the minimum 600g safe winter weight.  So please help to provide a safer nesting environment