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Ultra High Resolution CCD Colour Bird Box Camera 700TVL

This Sony EFFIO CCD Ultra High Resolution 700TVL (TV Line) Camera has been designed specifically for use with Gardenature camera nest boxes and feeder camera kits. This truly outstanding bird box camera uses an intelligent Sony Effio DSP Chip which operates with a Super Light Sensor to cleverly adjust the image quality to suit its environment. Not only this, the Super Light Sensor also serves to adjust the x10 infrared night vision LEDs to a graduating on/off, gently supplementing loss or gain of natural light levels with an invisible IR. The result of this outstanding technology is that we can now produce ultra high resolution colour images in full light of day and sharp black and white images at night. This high spec mini camera also houses a highly sensitive microphone so you can hear as well as see what is going on at the birdbox or bird feeder. This great little camera has a 3.6mm HD 1080p lens which produces a 92 degree viewing angle. The lens will have been pre-focused to the correct position but it can very easily be adjusted to suit different applications.

Not waterproof  

This camera is intended for use inside Gardenature Bird Boxes, Bird Feeder housings and Hedgehog Boxes. 

This camera can be used in DIY projects where it is completely sheltered from the weather. Colour images will only be produced when there is sufficient levels of light for the sensor to turn off the infrared LEDs, otherwise the image will appear in black & white.



Audio:                                    Highly Sensitive Microphone built in

Camera Dimension:                42 x 42mm (metal)

Camera Resolution:                700TVL  60 fps

Camera Sensor:                     1/3" Sony Effio Colour

Effective Pixels:                       752 (H) x 582 (V)

Gamma Correction:                 0.45

Infrared LED:                          x10 by Switching Sensor

Lens:                                      3.6mm

Lens Angle:                            92 Deg

Main DSP:                               4140 + 673

Max Current Consumption:    150mA

Min Illumination:                     0.01 Lux (f1.4)

Operating Temperature:       -20C > +50C

Operating Voltage:                12v DC

Shutter Speed:                      1/50 - 1/100,000 sec

Synchronising System:           Internal

Video System:                        PAL

Video output                          1.0V p-p 

White Balance:                       ATW


Supplied with a universal fixing bracket which is compatible with all Gardenature camera kits.