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Schwegler little owl box No 20

Schwegler Little Owl Box No 20

This Schwegler little owl nest box No20 is manufactured from a woodcrete pipe which has been surrounded with wooden slats and covered in a tarred roofing material. No maintenance, durable and long lasting. 

Easy installation, inspection and cleaning can be done through the little owl entrance hole. The ideal installation would be on a sturdy branch with the entrance hole facing the tree trunk. We recommend hanging about three little owl boxes in the same adjacent area, these will be used to store food and the young little owls may make use as a shelter. 

Little Owl Nesting Tube Features: 

  • Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete 
  • Dimensions: Length 83cm. Interior of brood Chamber 18cm diameter
  • Entrance hole: 65 mm diameter
  • Weight: 7.4kg 
  • Maintenance free and durable 

Little Owl Box No 20 is supplied with:

  • Clamping bands and aluminium nails