Lilin MR832,
Lilin MR832,

IP Camera for Outdoor Use

The LILIN MR832 outdoor IP camera is able to capture video in high-quality HD1080p resolution and comes with a range of features to improve image clarity in low-light conditions. The camera has built-in, high-power infrared LEDs which can illuminate up to 30 meter from the base. LILIN's Sense Up Plus technology automatically adjusts sensor settings as light conditions change, reducing noise and motion blur, ensuring clear, crisp footage both night and day.

Integrated alarm detection triggers such as video motion detection, face detection and tamper detection can alert operators of security breaches whilst recording of CCTV footage can be automatically triggered at the same time. Quadruple Streaming allows up to four continuous streams at up to 30 frames per second each at various resolution options. Power over Ethernet (PoE) powers the camera through the same cable at network connection and reduces the costs of installation.

This camera comes with free recording and management software. The LILIN MR832 IP camera is an affordable high resolution camera for round the clock wildlife Camera or security CCTV. With the LILIN CMX recording software included for free it is an ideal solution for small and medium sized projects.

Please note: this camera does not come with a power supply, you will be offered a POE Injector when you select the Buy button

The camera supports MJPEG compression and H.264, providing a flexible streaming choice. Edge recording to MicroSD card (not included), offers a decentralised storage solution, keeping system costs low and ensuring data remains uninterrupted from possible network issues. Wide dynamic range capable, the MR 832 IP Camera effectively captures both bright and dark areas within a scene for detailed video footage. Also included is CMX recording software and a LILIN mobile app which provides easy-to-use video management available remotely via smartphones or tablets. 

Cable options

 We offer pre-made 10 - 100 metre weatherproof Ethernet cable options when you click on the 'BUY' button above. We  also custom make Cat5e ethernet cable to required lengths at additional cost.

Wireless option

If you want to put your IP nest box camera way down your garden and don't want to run a cable take a look at these  Passthrough Powerline Plug-in Adaptors which are available at additional cost.  
These plug-ins are a good alternative to cabling and a great way to stream high definition IP cameras upto 300 meters. So long as your outdoor and household plugs are on the same ring main you can plug your IP camera cable into one Powerline adaptor in your garage or shed mains, then plug the receiving Powerline adaptor into another mains plug where an ethernet cable can reach your router. It really is plug and play!  
Note: If you use these adaptors the supplied POE injector will need to provide power to the camera from the Powerline adaptor closest to the camera and not at the broadband router end.


Key features & benefits Lilin MR832

  • Capable of delivering HD 1080p resolution at full frame rate - providing smooth IP CCTV footage
  • True day/night functionality enables 24-hour surveillance of outdoor areas
  • IP66 rated housing offers protection against harsh weather conditions
  • 94° horizontal angle of view allows a wide area of the scene to be monitored
  • Integrated infrared (IR) LED provides up to 30m of night vision
  • Colour images can be captured in low-light environments using LILIN’s SenseUp Plus technology
  • Wide dynamic range (WDR) and noise reduction technologies improve image clarity in difficult lighting conditions
  • Configurable video motion detection alarms increase scene awareness for reliable security monitoring
  • Electronic pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) controls allow the user to examine specific areas of interest in closer detail
  • MicroSD card provides edge storage and allows the camera to be used as a standalone unit
  • Support for PoE reduces cabling by delivering both power and network connectivity via a single cable
  • LILINViewer mobile app offers remote access to live video and playback of recordings – free of charge
  • Dimensions: Ø69 x 185mm
  • PoE consumption: 8.5W
  • Warranty period: 3 years


Included accessories with the MR832 Lilin IP Camera

  • Instruction manual
  • Installation CD
  • LILIN recording software



  • POE
  • Network: 10/100Mbps RJ-45 Ethernet connection

Note: IP Camera only

This product does NOT include cable, we can custom make Cat5e to requirement at additional cost, please call us if required. 
This is a PoE (Power over Ethernet) Device. If you are connecting direct to your router then it is likely you will require a PoE Injector this will send power upto 200 meters down the cable. 
PoE Injector and premade ethernet cable are available options in the next section when you click the BUY button.

Lens: 3.6mm 94deg