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Pet Camera
Kestrel camera
Kestrel box with camera |gardenature.co.uk
Kestrel box side fit |gardenature
Kestrel Nestbox| gardenature.co.uk
Kestrel Cam | gardenature.co.uk
Kestrel box perch |gardenature.co.uk
Pet Camera
Kestrel camera

Kestrel Box with Camera

This Kestrel Nest Box is constructed from exterior grade 12mm bonded plywood which has been treated with two coats of water based resin. Handmade in our own workshops to RSPB specifications, the Kestrel box is designed with a sheltered open fronted access, a removable perch and a sturdy fixing plate for optional side or back mounted installation. This very popular type of Kestrel box provides a long lasting nesting site for breeding Kestrel's to return to year after year.

This kestrel box will arrive complete with pre-installed colour camera connected to your selected cable length making it very easy for you to set up to your TV or monitor. Optional PC/MAC connectivity and other accessories are available at the checkout stage.

The Kestrel Camera

At about the size of a golf ball, the mini eyeball camera fitted to this box is a weatherproof Sony chipped 600TVL CCD camera which has a 3.6mm lens. Set in a metal casing this rugged camera has infrared night vision offering high resolution colour images during the day and black and white images at night.  

The Rest of the System

A professional x3 core cable (Audio/Video/12vDC) is already connected to the camera in the roof of the nest box, the other end of the cable needs to be routed into your property. The cable plugs are black, yellow and white. The black is for mains power and connects to the (supplied)12V DC power adaptor / plug. The remaining RCA yellow (video) and white (audio) connectors can either plug into a spare AV/AUX socket on your TV, / DVD recorder, or a spare TV scart input using the (supplied) scart adaptor. Switch on at the mains plug, then select the appropriate AV channel on your TV, sit back and wait for the show to start! All very easy but if you need any help we are just a phone call away.

This kit contains:

  • High quality Kestrel box. 

  • High Resolution Mini Eyeball camera with switching Infra Red Illumination enabling viewing 24 hrs day.

  • Weatherproof cable (select cable length above)

  • 12v Regulated Mains Plug 

  • Scart Adapter for optional TV input

  • Instruction sheet 


Select the desired cable length then click on the `Buy' button, you will then be offered optional accessories such as PC / MAC USB connection, Extension CablesHDMI connection and much more... 

Customer Service 

This kit has been designed and manufactured in the UK by Gardenature. When you purchase from us we want you to experience high quality service levels combined with the reward of owning a British made product. We are very proud of our brand and service values, if there is anything else we can do to help with your project or you're just not sure what to buy, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Kestrel facts:

Kestrels are the most common bird of prey in Europe, they can often be seen perched up high on tree branches, telephone wires, road-signs and tall buildings whilst they search for prey. Although their numbers have declined in Britain over the last few years. Their habit of hovering, particularly near motorways, means they are also one of the easiest to spot. Whilst hovering they have the extraordinary ability to keep their head totally still, even in strong winds. This allows them to pinpoint and catch small mammals and birds by sight alone. A kestrel is capable of locating its prey at remarkable distances, it can see and catch a beetle 50 meters from its perch. Kestrels need to eat 4-8 voles a day, depending on the time of the year and the amount of energy consumed whilst hover-hunting. 

The Kestrel is a protected species, at last count there was approximately 50,000 breeding pairs in the UK. Kestrels tend to stay within their home ranges throughout the autumn and winter, breeding starts in February. Kestrels are adaptable in their use of nest sites, but do not build their own nests. Old or disused nests of crows and other stick nesters are often used, as are ledges on cliffs and buildings. They are also regular hole-nesters and readily accept man made nest boxes. The same nest site is often used in successive years with some sites used for decades.

Camera Dimensions: 60 x 58mm (metal)
Camera Weight: 210g
Camera_Resolution: 600TVL
Camera_Sensor: Sony 1/3 CCD. Colour
Current Consumption (max): 140mA
Effective Pixels: 752 h x 582 v
Gamma Correction: 0.45
Infrared_LED: x24 auto switching sensor
Lens: f=3.6mm / F=2.0
Lens_Angle: 72 Deg
Max_Current_Consumption: 150mA
Min Illumination: 0.0 Lux LED on
Min_Operating_Temperature: -20Deg C
Nest box Dimensions: H310 x W300 x D630mm (incl roof overhang)
Nest Box Weight: 8.1kg
Operating_Voltage: 12v DC
Select Cable Length: 50 Meters
Shutter Speed: 1/50 - 1/100
Synchronising System: Internal
Video Output: 1vp-p composite
Video System: PAL
Warranty: 3 years
White Balance: ATW