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Kestrel Nest Box

High quality Kestrel Box with removable perch, sturdy back plate for optional mounting. Handmade in the UK to RSPB specifications
  • £89.95

Kestrel Nesting Box

This A frame Kestrel Box is constructed from exterior grade 12 and 18 mm bonded plywood, it is designed to last for a minimum of 15 years in most outdoor situations and requires no wood preservative or surface coating. Whilst the box is designed for kestrels other wildlife may use the box, such as jackdaw, stock doves, tawny owl or even grey squirrels.

Kestrel Box Positioning

Site the box on a mature tree or on a strong tall pole.  Face the front of the box so that it is out of the prevailing wind and rain, ideally between North and Southeast. Height should be approximately 3 – 5 metres but also ensuring that there is a clear flight path to the box, and that there is good visibility from it. You should also line the base of the box with about 1 inch of wood chippings.

Kestrel Box Dimensions

Weight: 7.26kg
Height: 620mm
Width:  390mm (at base)
Depth: 350mm

Kestrel Facts

A familiar sight with its pointed wings and long tail, hovering beside a roadside verge. Numbers of kestrels declined in the 1970s, probably as a result of changes in farming and so it is included on the Amber List.

The Kestrel has adapted readily to man-made environments and can survive right in the centre of cities.

Kestrels are found  all year round in a wide variety of habitats, from moor and heath, to farmland and urban areas. The only places they do not favour are dense forests, vast treeless wetlands and mountains. They are a familiar sight hovering beside a motorway or other main road. They can often be seen perched on a high tree branch, or on a telephone post or wire, on the look out for prey. Their diet consists of small mammals and birds