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4gb SDHC card | gardenature.co.uk
4GB SD Card | gardenature.co.uk
4gb SDHC card | gardenature.co.uk
4GB SD Card | gardenature.co.uk

4GB SDHC Card 

Combining fast performance and a generous capacity, Hama SDHC memory cards offer twice the speed and a much higher video performance than any ordinary memory card.  These Hama SD cards carry a 10 year warranty, feature a shock-resistant, water and temperature-proof design, making them ideal for outdoor use.

4GB SD Card Features

  •  Allows data to be written and erased as often as is required 
  • SecureDigital High Capacity Card (SDHC), complies with SD 2.0 specifications 
  • Ideal for high-resolution full HD video recording 
  • Mechanical write protection against unintentional deleting 
  • Label area for short notes 

Only suitable for terminal devices with an SDHC slot, e.g. digital cameras, camcorders (not downward compatible with SD slots). 
Each SD card has a mechanical write protection which is removed by pushing the lateral bolt upwards.

How many photos could you get on an SD card ?  

4GB = 1,400. 8GB = 2,861. 16GB = 5,727. 32GB = 11,444 photos. Assumptions based on an 8mp (megapixel) jpeg format