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GP PP3 9v Lithium battery

9V PP3 Lithium Battery CR-V9

GP Lithium 9V battery CR-V9 is the perfect choice of battery for our Pest deterrents. 

This Lithium PP3 9 volt battery can provide 5 times longer lasting power than an ordinary alkaline battery and also benefits from a 10-year service life in ionisation-type smoke detectors. 
The CR-V9 GP 9V lithium battery features high energy density, high voltage, an excellent performance at extreme ambient temperatures and a specific crimp design to make it leakage proof. 

The PP3 lithium battery have been chosen for our products because they have a low self discharge rate which outperforms any comparable 9-volt battery making it one of the best 9V batteries on the market. The GP 9V lithium battery is ideal for use in Smoke Detectors, Home Safety & Security Devices, Medical Equipment, Meters, Wireless Transmitters and almost all 9V battery applications. The CR-V9 GP lithium battery is also known as a CRV9.