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Parabolic grid antenna | gardenature.co.uk
long range wireless owl box
Parabolic grid antenna | gardenature.co.uk
long range wireless owl box

High Gain Square Grid Antenna 1.2 Km (pair)

For use with Gardenature Digital Wireless Kits only. 

Wire free transmission is a superb way to get around difficult situations where you cannot run cabling for your wildlife camera or bird box camera system. 

Purchasing one of our wireless bird box cameras or wireless garden camera kits in their standard format will provide up to a 120 meter transmission range line of sight. If this isn't far enough we sell various aerial upgrades wit this one being our most powerful, adding a pair of antennas to a system can give superb results with "clear line of sight" transmission distances of over 1 KM.

Each Parabolic Grid Antenna (x2) comes with a sturdy pole mount (including U bolts) and 5 meter cables for connecting to the Transmitter and Receiver. We advise both antennas are mounted outdoors and directed to face towards each other. Please note that distance is quoted as line of sight, objects within its field will reduce the transmission range. Please call if you require for further details

Antenna Gain

Measured in decibels (dBi), the gain of an antenna describes its ability to convert power into radio waves and vice versa depending whether it is used at the transmitting or receiving end of the signal. Depending on the environment, in general the higher the gain the better the performance over long distances.

Antenna’s Directional Ability

  • Omni: works in all directions and usually in a pole style.
  • Semi-Directional: often a panel style so easy to fit to a flat wall.
  • Directional: provides a highly focused directional signal and tends to be in the satellite dish style known as parabolic and this is more conducive to producing and receiving this type of signal.


  • Frequency:                  2400 - 2480 MHz Digital
  • Outdoor Range:          1.2 Km Max (Unobstructed line of sight)
  • Directional:                  Yes
  • Antenna Connection:   N Female
  • Gain:                            24dBi
  • Vertical Beam:             14 degrees
  • Horizontal Beam:        10 degrees
  • Impedance:                 50 Ohms
  • Use:                             External IP 65
  • Bracket:                      Parabolic Pole Mount Design 
  • Dimensions                H 1000 x 600 x 480 mm