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chillon low profile bat box
low profile bat box |
chillon low profile bat box
low profile bat box |

Chillon Low Profile Bat Box

This crevice bat box will look elegant on any house wall or large tree. Featuring a wooden landing ramp, a textured interior and an inspection hatch, this bat box can safely accommodate up to 15 pipistrelle bats which prefer to live in colonies.

WoodStone® is a mixture of sawdust from FSC wood sources and concrete, and it is designed to last for years. It is breathable so there will be no problems with condensation and Woodstone maintains a consistent temperature inside, providing excellent insulation for roosting bats. 

Low Profile Woodstone Bat Box 

  • Concrete and wood fibre mix, plyboard.
  • 290 x 440 x 90mm
  • Entrance hole: 180 x 17mm
  • Weight 4.7kg  
  • 10 year warranty