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Cavity Bat Box

This Cavity Bat Box is designed for those bat species which would naturally roost in cavities and internally has a larger open space in comparison with other crevice bat boxes. This FSC® Certified batbox is especially suitable for the British cavity-dwelling bats including Brown Long -Eared, Daubenton's, Natterer's, Whiskered and Brandt's.

The bat box has an apex roof with good holding grip on the inside, enabling the bats to easily grab on and cluster. The inside temperature of the bat box makes a big difference to the bats, so the bat house has been designed with ceramic heat sinks and black external colouration to enable a more stable internal temperature than other boxes.

Bat Facts:

Many bats both in the U.K. and many other parts of the world have suffered a tremendous population decline which is due to roosting space losses, feeding habitat losses, various \'pest\' control measures and timber treatment in buildings. As well as being one of the most threatened types of mammal in Britain, bats are also among the most misunderstood. Far from being nasty dangerous animals, they are attractive small, furry insect eaters, which need all the help they can get! Bats are frequent visitors in both old and new houses. They are small, harmless mammals that do not cause any damage within your house. They do not make much noise or smell and their droppings soon crumble away to dust. They do not use bedding, or return with any insect prey to the house. Indeed, householders are usually unaware of them.

Bats need a range of roosting sites, including summer daytime roosts, winter hibernation and breeding sites. You can help them find a suitable roost by putting up a simple bat box. The best place to position a bat box is in a south facing position either in a tree or under the eaves of a building to give shelter from bad weather, but allow a few hours of sunshine each day.

It is illegal to disturb any bat when it is roosting, or handle a bat without a licence 

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