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build-in concrete open front nest box

Woodstone Open Front Nest Box

The open fronted bird nesting box is manufactured from a mix of concrete and FSC wood fibres. WoodStone® nest boxes safeguard against attacks from predators including woodpeckers, cats and squirrels. The material insulates the nest which creates a more consistent internal temperature than an ordinary wooden box. The woodstone open front nest box is designed to provide cavity nesting and be built into brickwork for new builds or renovation projects. 

This build-in open fronted nest box is suitable for robins,wrens, Pied wagtail and Black Redstart.

Build-in Open Fronted Bird Box Specifications:

  • Hole Size: Half Open
  • Width 22cm
  • Height 18cm
  • Length 18cm
  • Weight 3.5kg
  • Material Woodstone
  • 10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee