schwegler swift box type 25

 Schwegler Brick Box Type 25

For over 40 years SCHWEGLER has produced a range of Brick Boxes to encourage birds and bats to settle in the immediate vicinity of domestic and commercial buildings. These brick boxes are made from virtually the same material as their tried and tested SCHWEGLER wood-concrete bird nesting boxes.
The interior of these Schwegler Brick Boxes is similar to that of a natural nesting hole, with the same shallow, oval depression in the floor.
The Brick Boxes can be installed flush with the outside wall and can be rendered or covered so that only the entrance hole is visible

Brick Box No 25 Swifts

  • Occupants:Common Swift
  • Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete
  • Dimensions: H18 x W26.5 x D22 cm
  • Entrance hole: 55 x 33 mm (we recommend securing the removable entrance hole insert with sealant to prevent it falling out)
  • Weight: 8.8kg
  • 25 year warranty