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Bug and Bee House

This award winning Bee & Bug house provides a home for solitary bees, ladybirds and other beneficial insects such as lacewings.
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bee biome
bee & bug biome |
bug biome
bee biome
bee & bug biome |
bug biome

 Bee & Bug House

These attractive triple chamber, multi insect habitats are made from FSC timber and offer a variety of potential habitats to garden friendly insects. Ideally located near flowering or scented plants, they provide over-wintering habitats for insects like ladybirds and lacewings (natural aphid predators) and a home for solitary bees (non aggressive pollinators), and other beneficial insects during both winter and summer.

This product comes as a kit which includes a guide to pollinating bees and also a selection of wildflower seeds especially packed to attract them.

Winner of European Consumers Choice Award 2014 Top Scoring with 9.1

"It took some ladybugs 10 minutes to invade that little house made for them. I do not know how they knew that the place was meant for them, Anyway it was the habitat they had been wanted for a long time in the garden."

This award winning Bee & Bug Biome is an attractive bee and bug habitat that provides a home for solitary bees, ladybirds and other beneficial insects such as lacewings. These either provide the vital role of pollination in your garden or are great at predator control, munching through aphids and the like.

The biome comes in a colourful gift carton complete with with a FREE pack of British Wildflower Seeds especially selected to attract gentle pollinating bees plus a FREE Bee Species Guide

The Bee and Bug Biome is manufactured from durable FSC timber and painted in an attractive soft green water based paint.

The bee and bug biome makes the perfect gift for gardeners and nature-lovers alike

Why put an insect habitat in your garden?

Insects like ladybirds, lacewings and solitary bees are friends to the gardener. Attracting and maintaining these insects in the garden helps plant pollination and assists the natural predation of garden pests such as aphids and greenfly. A population of ladybirds and lacewings is the natural way to reduce reliance on chemical means of pest control

The Bee & Bug Biome should be placed in a sheltered position up to 2 metres above ground level on a wall, shed, fence,pole or similar.  It is important that it faces South to South East to catch the morning sun, but try not to put in too much shade. 

The top chamber will encourage safe solitary bees to nest and features seven wooden nesting tubes in a bee block & bamboo tubes of various sizes. The larger feeding hole is for insects such as ladybirds, earwigs & lacewings.  You could try adding some ladybird Food/Attractant to encourage them in. 

The lower chamber is filled with pine cones to provide nooks and crannies for beneficial insects such as lacewings who are great natural predators of aphids.  The wooden retainer dowel can be removed so that alternative natural materials such as straw or bark can be introduced to provide a safe over-wintering habitat for lacewings, ladybirds, wood louse, earwigs etc.  Try attracting lacewings in Autumn with Lacewing Attractant

Bee & Bug House dimensions

  • Height 240mm x Width 163mm x depth 104mm
  • Weight 1.0kg