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Wooden Bat Box

A good sized traditional bat box with two internal sections and access ladder. Suitable accommodation for large numbers of bat species such as  the common pipistrelle bat or brown long eared bats

This wooden bat box is painted black to absorb the heat of the sun and hold the warmth that the bats require 

Ideally sited on a sturdy tree or building in an area where bats are often seen or known to feed.  Wet or marshy environments tend to attract bats to feed on insects and take a drink. Place this box at least 2 - 5 meters off the ground and make sure there is a clear flight path for access. If possible, you should try and place in a sheltered area and facing south or southwesterly to get a little heat into the bat box during the day.

Almodovar Wooden Bat Box:

  • Dimensions: 425 x 570 x 130mm
  • Manufactured from exterior grade plywood
  • Fixings included
  • Weight 5.6kg