afidus atl-200 time lapse camera
Afidus ATL-200 HD timelapse camera
waterproof time lapse ATL-200
Afidus ATL-200 timelapse camera
construction camera Afidus timelapse
Afidus ATL-200 timelapse camera
afidus atl-200 time lapse camera
Afidus ATL-200 HD timelapse camera
waterproof time lapse ATL-200
Afidus ATL-200 timelapse camera
construction camera Afidus timelapse
Afidus ATL-200 timelapse camera

Afidus ATL-200 HD Time Lapse Camera 

The Afidus ATL 200 is a robust and very adaptable full HD timelapse camera with optional motion sensing, so it can double up as a wildlife action camera too!

There is a lot we like about the 200-ATL because it's packed with features to meet pretty much any timelapse project requirement and it can be operated through a user friendly WiFi enabled App. 

Preset time-lapse intervals are from 1 - 30 seconds, 1 - 10 minutes, every 1, 4 or 24 hours, but you can also custom set your own interval duration. Continuous intervals can be set to 5, 10, and 15fps (frames per second) when recording in 1080p and 30fps recording in 720p.

 The Afidus ATL-200 also features multiple capture modes including motion detection, stop motion, time-lapse, time-lapse and motion hybrid, and step video. The camera's integrated motion sensor can detect moving objects located up to 25ft / 7.6m away. In addition to the camera's autofocusing capabilities, operators can manually set the focus and zoom using the ATL-200 camera's mobile app.

You can control the Afidus ATL-200 via the easy-to-use App through an iOS or Android device. The App has good functionality including live viewing where you can even frame the shot with zoom and focus options. From here you can adjust any  settings such as interval time, scene modes, exposure or HDR level, then select your record mode. Once triggered, the Afidus ATL-200 will beep twice and the LED indicator will flash to inform the user that their project has begun recording. MicroSD card upto 128GB required (not Included) .

The ATL-200 time lapse camera is powered by four AA batteries (included) or with the included 5V micro USB cable. Typical run times using Alkaline batteries are 45 days at a 1-minute capturing interval or 80 days at a 5-minute capturing interval, assuming its operating for 8 hours per day. Motion sensing continuous use is approximately 30 days. These times are likely to be at least doubled if using Lithium batteries.

Click on the Afidus ATL 200 'Specification' and 'Downloads' tabs above for further information. 

Example Time Lapse or Motion uses:

  • Long-term time-lapse projects (construction, landscaping etc)
  • Macro time-lapse projects (flower time-lapse etc)
  • Timelapse Parties / Weddings etc
  • Timelapse Changing seasons
  • Wildlife monitoring: Bird Feeder / Bird Bath etc
  • Security monitoring
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Both day and night projects. Various HDR options.
  • Stop motion animation
  • Remote deployment
  • Weekly scheduler - only record between the hours you want, on the days you want.
  • Indoor and outdoor use. Fully IP65 Certified.

Highlights of the ATL-200

  • Macro Focus The lens has a macro capture feature, with the camera positioned just inches away from your subject, you can fill the frame with perfect clarity.
  • Sony IMX Sensor Sony Exmor IMX sensor with HDR, select the HDR amount within the app for great contrasts between bright and dark areas of your scene.
  • PIR Motion Sensor 5 - 8 metre range Built-in PIR motion detection. This is a great feature, capture animals, traffic, pedestrian movement and more.
  • MP4 Format Easy editing on all platforms
  • Focus Tap One tap autofocus with manual tap precision. If focus is off, manual saves the day and there is a focus calibration feature in the app
  • Long Battery Life Long term time lapse camera. With a capture a minute during working hours, expect your batteries to last a month. A capture every 10 minutes gives you 60 days between battery changes.
  • 1080 HD Full HD 1080 sensor in a long term time lapse camera. 1080 is an amazing leap for a camera with months of battery life
  • Optical Zoom 16-35mm DSLR equivalent, optical zoom lens. Yes, the lens zoom actually moves within the camera
  • WiFI App Control Full Wi-Fi app control, press the camera button, connect to it with the Wi-fi signal on your phone and open the app, in seconds you have complete control of your camera on your phone.
  • Weather resistant IP65, which means dust protected and water splashing will have no effect on the camera. There is no need to purchase an optional housing with the ATL-200.
  • Pinch Zoom You have a full screen preview of your subject on your phone, pinch out to zoom and confirm accurate focus. To adjust tap AF for autofocus or + - for manual 
  • Camera Size 72 x 91 x 44 mm
  • Camera Weight 140 Grams 

Other Features Include:

  • Stop motion mode, select Snapshot and build a video using the power/shutter button on the camera.
  • Step Video mode allows you to make creative movies at 15 FPS with a time gap between captures.
  • You can mount the camera upside down and have the subject rotated for proper orientation when you download the video.
  • Still images are a quick camera icon tap.
  • The app has a card format feature, perfect for the times you have downloaded your content but forgot to delete.
  • The time stamp can be enabled, position changed and even customized with your own text
  • The date and time are always correct, based upon your phone's date and time.
  • Firmware updates are done via the app and Wi-Fi.
  • Custom settings include Exposure, Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation, HDR Range, Quality, Scene Settings and 16:9 or 1:1 square format.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 12 months


What's in the Box ?

  • Afidus ATL-200-BK Camera
  • 4x AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Camera Fixing Strap
  • USB Cable
  • 1/4" Rotation Adaptor for action cam brackets

Camera_Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
File_format: MP4
Focal_Length: Auto / Manual touch zoom and focus in App
Power_Source: 4x AA Batteries or DC in :5v (Micro USB connector)
Size: D46x W73x H90 mm. weight 140g
Time-Lapse: Intervals 1-30 sec. 1-10min. 1-24hr
Warranty: 12 months
Waterproof: IP65
Select Model:: ATL-200-BK
Memory: Micro SD upto 128GB (not included)
Battery Life: 80days Alkaline / 150days Lithium
Accesories included: Strap. 4x AA batteries. USB cable.
Mounting: Strap or 1/4"x20 standard tripod mount
Timer: Daily start/stop time with day week scheduling
Continuous intervals: 15FPS @1080 / 30FPS @720
Capture Modes: timelapse, motion detection, stop motion, hybrid, video lapse, stills.
Motion Sensor: Built-in, PIR movement detection