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AV /DC cable - gardenature

AV/DC Extension Cable

3 core: Video, Audio, and DC power. AV/DC RCA cables for use with our range of birdbox camera kits. 

These RCA cables can be used as a replacement cable for your bird box camera kit, or you can add as an extension to your existing nest box camera cable. The RCA (white)audio and (yellow) video plugs are male at both ends but the 12v DC is male one end and female the other. Theses camera bird box cables fit one way round so be sure to test and check before installing. 

If you are adding an extension cable to your existing bird box camera you will require an RCA coupler for the Audio and Video to connect together, the DC will fit male-female. The AV Coupler will be offered to you when you go to the next section, just select the cable length you require and click on the BUY button.

Please note that you should not run more than 70 meters in total when you are powering from one end to the other otherwise a voltage drop may occur. You can run longer but power should be connected inline closer to the camera, if any doubt please call us.

Select Cable Length: 5 Meter