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3sv nestbox -
3sv nesting box.
schwegler 3sv.
3sv nestbox -
3sv nesting box.
schwegler 3sv.

Nest Box 3SV

The Schwegler 3SV has a deep entrance hole which has been demonstrated to provide highly effective protection from predators such as cats and martens. The design also mimics natural nest sites and the large entrance hole results in a well-lit interior that encourages occupation. The nesting area is easily accessible by removing the front panel, making it easy to inspect and clean.

Built using wood-concrete; an exceedingly durable, rot-proof and breathable natural material designed to mimic the properties of natural nest sites, the 3SV nest box is available with 3 sizes of entrance holes:

3SV Nest Box Features:

  • Supplied with hanger and aluminium nail 
  • Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete 
  • Colour: Classic brown 
  • Dimensions: 190W x 280H  230D mm 
  • Weight: 4.8kg 
  • Maintenance free and durable Entrance hole

3SV Entrance hole options:

  • 34mm hole: Suitable for tits, redstarts, nuthatches, pied flycatchers, tree sparrows and sometimes even bats.
  • 45mm hole: Especially intended for starlings although any of the species named may use it. They will, however, be ejected if there are any starlings in the vicinity.
  • Oval hole: (32 x 45mm): This will attract the same species as the 34mm hole, but is recommended when the box is being hung in more shaded areas such as ravines and thick woodland.


Select Hole Size: Oval