21 LED Head torch from Gardenature

HeadLight Torch 21 LED

This 21 LED head torch is useful for all sorts of applications around the home, at work or generally just out and about.

The LED Headlight is the perfect safety accessory to keep in your car for emergency use. Wear it in dimly lit areas so you can see and be seen, ideal for when you are out walking, cycling, fishing, camping or even as an additional domestic light for getting up in the night or reading etc.

The HeadLight Torch is also great for use in places like care homes where the user can move around in the dark whilst keeping both hands free for support.

For the wildlife enthusiast the Headlight Torch has no end of uses for those nocturnal projects, also an essential kit item for adventure activities like rock climbing and caving. 

LED Head light Torch - Features:

  • 21 x ultra-bright, high intensity 5 mm LEDs
  • 100,000 hours typical LED lifetime 
  • Comfort fit head strap, adjustable & anti-slip 
  • Adjustable Beam angle
  • Upto 50 metre beam
  • Water resistant 
  • Requires x3 AAA Alkaline batteries (not included).
  • Battery Life upto 200 hours.
  • 4 modes of operation:  
  • Power Saving = 1 LED.  Bright = 7 LEDs.  Ultra Bright = 21 LEDs.  Alert = flashing 21 LEDs.


LED Head Torch Dimensions:

  • 75 x 44 x 56mm
  • Weight: 95 grams