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1mf Double chamber swift box

1MF Double Chamber Swift & Bat Box 

A Double height version of the No 16 Swift box. This Double Chamber Swift Nest Box can be installed within an external wall to a maximum depth of 17 cm in order to prevent the underneath entrance hole being blocked. It can also be attached to the surface of an external wall (or within render or an external insulation layer) using the optional Fixing Bracket. The box can be painted using standard air-permeable external wall paint if this is required..

When it is fixed on a wall, the clever design ensures that space is left between the nest box and the wall for bats to occupy. When it is fixed within a wall, a Bat Slope can be added underneath to provide a sloping entrance to the back of the box for bats.

This Swift box allows for two pairs of swifts to brood separately from each other in the 1MF Box producing off spring successfully, two brood chambers are provided for this purpose. The rear wall is set back, providing sufficient space between the building wall and the box for Bats to use it as a roost. The design shape and texture of the rear Bat area is created to meet the needs of Bat species that live in buildings such as the Pipistrelle Bat. Thanks to its robust design the 1MF Swift and Bat box can be used in sunny and exposed areas without any problem at all.

Swift / Bat Box Siting:

At least 6 to 7 m above the ground. Please ensure unobstructed access for birds entering and leaving the box.

Swift and Bat Nest Box 1MF Installation:

A specially shaped mounting bracket is fixed onto the building facade by 3 screws and wall plugs. The two metal studs integrated in the rear of the box are used to hold the 1MF in the fixing bracket.

Swift Box Material: 

SCHWEGLER wood-concrete

Cleaning is easy and convenient but not essential. The front panel is easily removed by turning the safety catch.

Swift Nesting Box 1MF  Dimensions:

  • Internal: H170 x W360 x D160mm
  • External: H460 x W430 x D225 mm
  • Weight: 24kgs
  • 25 Year warranty from Schwegler


This item is very heavy and will require a pallet delivery. Price quoted may vary, please call for further information.