This product has been discontinued, please call us for further advice.

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1km long range aerial. gardenature.co.uk

High Gain Digital Antenna 1km (pair)

For use with Gardenature Digital Wireless Kits only

30cm Square modern design (IP65 box casing) with a beam spread of 22 degrees for good directional performance.

Each Antenna (x2) comes with a sturdy pole mount (including U bolts) and 5 meter cables for connecting to the Transmitter and Receiver. We advise both antennas are mounted outdoors and directed to face towards each other. Please note that distance is quoted as line of sight, objects within its field will reduce the transmission range. Please call for further details



  • Frequency:                  2400 - 2480 MHz Digital
  • Outdoor Range:          1Km Max (line of sight)
  • Antenna Connection:   Female
  • Gain:                            18dBi
  • Vertical Beam:             22 degrees
  • Horizontal Beam:         22 degrees
  • Impedance:                 50 Ohms
  • Use:                            Internal and External IP65
  • Dimensions                 330 x 330 x 65mm