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12v solar charger kit | gardenature.co.uk
solar panel for 12v | gardenature.co.uk
12volt Solar Panel from Gardenature
12v digital timer
12v solar charger kit | gardenature.co.uk
solar panel for 12v | gardenature.co.uk
12volt Solar Panel from Gardenature
12v digital timer

12volt Solar Panel Kit 

Whilst we will always recommend a mains supply as the first consideration, we have developed a selection of Solar powered 12v supply kits which are an alternative method for powering any of our wireless wildlife camera systems. 

These 12 volt Solar Power kits are great for use in remote locations where no mains power is available, or for those looking for an environmentally friendly way of powering any 12 volt requirement. Please be aware that solar powered kits are of course dependent on sunshine and therefore batteries may need charging when there is little or no sunshine during the cold / rainy seasons. Continuing to draw current from a low or depleted battery may damage its cells. 

Choose a Solar Panel Wattage:

12 watt - providing upto  3 hours viewing time per day  *  (410mm x 290mm)

24 watt - providing upto  6 hours viewing time per day *  (470mm x 345mm)

35 watt - providing upto 10 hours viewing time per day *  (840mm x 300mm)

* Viewing times are calculated on Spring/Summer operation and may vary on number of hours sunshine, final positioning of the solar panel, charge state of your battery and making good use of the supplied timer. 

Select your desired Panel Wattage in the drop down box (above)

Solar Panel Kits contains : 

Your chosen Solar Panel: 12v 7.2ah battery, solar charge regulator and a digital timer, all housed in a very robust weatherproof box.

We have made the set up really easy, fix the solar panel where it will gain the most hours of sunshine, plug-in the 12v DC power cable from your camera to the 2.1 x 5.5mm jack, switch on and start capturing footage. All components are pre-installed into the weatherproof housing for you, full instructions are included.

12 Volt Programmable 7 Day Digital Timer Features:

Digital Timer allows you to plan timed on / off settings much like the central heating timer used in your home.

Daily & weekly programs

8 on/off periods

15 repeat options: day, week, weekend, odd weekdays, etc

Manual Override

LCD display with time, weekday, program & switch position

Quartz crystal timing with reserve

Supply Voltage: 10 - 18V AC/DC

Consumption: 2VA max

Switching Capacity: 10A / 30V DC

Temperature Range: -10°C to 50°C

 Dimensions: 286 x 407 x 25mm

Weight 1.6kgs

Solar Panel Features

High Performance Monocrystalline Cells

Supplied with factory fitted aluminium frame

2 meters of cable

Supplied with blocking diode to prevent reverse charging

Completely weatherproof, ideal for outside use

Optional accessories available when you add to basket.

Please Note: Images are for illustration purpose only, actual product may vary

Select Panel Wattage: 35