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12 Volt Programmable 7 Day Digital Timer

Any of the Gardenature wireless kits can be run from a 12v leisure battery or solar panel. This 12v timer is ideal as an in-line control of timed power consumption so you are not drawing on the battery all of the time with a constant live. You can preset the camera to be live at the times you require to view it, much like a domestic central heating timer for example.

This 12 Volt battery powered timer can also be used in a lighting system acting as a switch between a 12 volt leisure battery and lighting. The timer is suitable for indoor use or weather protection required for outdoors.

Installation and timer setting is quick and easy.

Digital Timer Features:

  • · Daily & weekly programs
  • · 8 on/off periods
  • · 15 repeat options: day, week, weekend, odd week days, etc
  • · Manual Override
  • · LCD display with time, weekday, program & switch position
  • · Quartz crystal timing with reserve
  • · Supply Voltage: 10 - 18V AC/DC · Consumption: 2VA max · Switching Capacity: 10A / 30V DC
  • · Temperature Range: -10°C to 50°C
  • · Weight: approx. 150g