PTZ cameras

Speed Dome Cameras


Outdoor Speed Dome cameras provide PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) functionality.
PTZ cameras offer outstanding functionality and are becoming a popular choice for professional use as a wildlife observation camera.

PTZ cameras are designed for all weather conditions and benefit from internal heaters, they are robust and can operate in varying light conditions. Our Hi-Speed Domes also have alarm facilities that enable them to be set to a number of preset positions and tours, they can also be set to move according to alarm triggers/sensors, when used in conjunction with PIR movement detectors.
We can supply Day and Day/Night External Speed Domes with a range of mounting options: Wall, Pendant and Corner mounting. Our Speed Domes are designed for ease of installation and minimal maintenance. Whilst we will build the system to be as easy as possible to install, some basic technical understanding will be required to follow installation instructions.
External Speed Domes support many features including Preset Tours and Patterns, these can be configured using a Speed Dome Keyboard (Controller) and the cameras On Screen Display (OSD).

Mains power is required within 30 meters of the camera but base operation/PC/TV/ Monitor can be upto 1km.  Remote viewing and operation can be accessed from any PC worldwide, you can even view or receive alerts to a Smart Phone.

Prices start from £515.00 Quote on application due to the many variations involved in each system

Please email us with your requirements giving as much detail as possible. We will send you a quotation to custom build and advise options for a complete system to meet your requirements.