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Gardenature Christmas gift ideas

We have so many wildlife gifts for you to choose from, it can be difficult to know exactly what to buy family or friends for Christmas

by Simon Byland, 04 Nov 2016

Buy Trail Cameras Now! - Bushnell price increases

Low £pound causes prices to soar on electronic goods

by Simon Byland, 27 Oct 2016

UK Bats
17 Oct 2016

UK Bats

We are lucky enough to have 18 species of bat in the UK, 17 of which are known to be breeding here – that's almost a quarter of our mammal species!

by Simon Byland, 17 Oct 2016

Birds On The Edge increases its presence

Earlier this year Birds On the Edge were invited to several very important public events in Jersey including the launch of the Jersey National Park.

by Simon Byland, 11 Oct 2016

Welcome to the NEW GARDENATURE WEBSITE, at last!!

by Simon Byland, 21 Sep 2016

Birds on the Edge
15 Sep 2016

Birds on the Edge

It’s not too late to save UK nature but we must act now – that is the conclusion from a coalition of more than 50 leading wildlife and research organisations including Birds On The Edge partners

by Simon Byland, 15 Sep 2016

Bird Fair - Rutland 2016

18th - 21st August 2016
Come and meet us: Marquee 3 stand 31 & 32

by Simon Byland, 12 Aug 2016

Summer bird migrants stay for longer as the UK climate warms

Data collected by volunteer citizen scientists have been used to show how the timing of bird migration to and from the UK has changed since the 1960s.

Sunflower Hearts attract the Goldfinches

Goldfinches are being seen at garden bird feeders in ever-greater numbers, and the key attraction for them is sunflower hearts, according to an investigation into the increase of this colourful garden visitor. Between November 2015 and February 2016

by Simon Byland, 10 Jun 2016

Unusual number of birds in gardens during April cold snap

At this time of year most birds are starting to think about raising young, and many head out of gardens for that purpose.

by Simon Byland, 05 May 2016

 16th Mar Help needed for House Martins

The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) is calling on members of the public to follow and record the nesting activity of House Martins this summer, to help understand why it is in trouble.

by Simon Byland, 16 Mar 2016

NNBW takes place each year from 14-21 February, and after more than 15 years it is now an established part of the ornithological calendar.

by Simon Byland, 18 Feb 2016

The latest official statistics for Scotland’s terrestrial birds show significant declines for upland birds, such as the Curlew, but more positive trends elsewhere.

by Simon Byland, 10 Feb 2016

After the warmest and wettest December since records began, the winter looks set to finally begin in earnest over the coming week. With lower temperatures and snow forecast for most of the UK this weekend

by Simon Byland, 10 Feb 2016

Gardenature are pleased to be working with Schools on many different projects, heres one we continue to work closely with and already have planned expansion for 2016.

by Simon Byland, 18 May 2015

Astro Calendar - October

Pegasus flies high in the S as Taurus and the Pleiades climb in the E and the Summer Triangle topples into the W. As they do every autumn, the Plough is turning counter clockwise below Polaris in the N as the stars of Cepheus and Cassiopeia glimmer

by Simon Byland, 30 Sep 2014

We believe that our Digital Wireless Camera systems are not only one of the best available on the market today but quite probably the easiest to understand and use.

by Simon Byland, 29 Aug 2013

Last winter, the British Trust for Ornithology’s (BTO) Garden Bird Feeding Survey saw very low numbers of birds using garden feeding stations because of the mild weather and abundance of natural food.

by Simon Byland, 21 Aug 2013

Once again Gardenature will be exhibiting at this major event. Come and say hello to us in Marquee 3 stand 31 & 32.

by Simon Byland, 17 Aug 2013

16 May 2013

Live Cam

Blue tit nesting started on the 18th March. Catch up on all the latest action by clicking on the Live Cam tab

by Simon Byland, 16 May 2013

The RSPB is keen to hear from local swift groups that have good local knowledge of swift nesting sites in towns or cities.

by Simon Byland, 05 Mar 2013

Once again Valentine’s Day will see the start of National Nest Box Week, now in its 17th year, the time of year when birds traditionally begin to pair up for the forthcoming breeding season.

by Simon Byland, 04 Feb 2013

Well, it has been quite a week and the visits to my box have been regular and actually increasing! The pair have spent up to half an hour in the box, interacting, snoozing and generally chilling. They seem very comfortable in there.

by Simon Byland, 20 Jan 2013

Every winter hundreds of thousands of thrushes leave continental Europe to spend the winter months on this side of the North Sea.

by Simon Byland, 19 Dec 2012

19 Dec 2012

Early bird survey

Winter is not an easy time for birds. They need extra energy to keep warm, especially during long winter nights. To cope with this, they lay down extra fat reserves, though small birds quite often only lay down enough for a single night.

by Simon Byland, 19 Dec 2012

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